11 March 2012

Spring Cleaning 2012!

Spring cleaning has begun! I know the Equinox isn't until the 20th, but I've decided to have the house mostly done by then. That way, I can enjoy the outdoors a bit more. Possibly, without sneezing or being blown away. I also may or may not have a group of people coming over to my house.

I'm starting room by room. I'm staring by cleaning "out." My husband and I share our 7ftx3ft master closet. (This house is horribly designed) My "stuff" took up 2/3rds of that closet. As of today, it's only a half. I have a 20 gallon trash bag worth of clothes and shoes that I'm going to donate. They either didn't fit, I don't wear them, or they're too "young." (Yes, I still have some of my wardrobe from high school.) I'm pleased with that. I'm going to attempt to pedal my wears at Plato's Closet first and see if I can make any money off of the newer stuff, and then donating the rest.

I've also cleaned out our bedroom, and now under the bed is very nicely lined with Space Bags. Oh Space Bags, for the minimalist hoarder. How I love thee. I'd accumulated mass amount of blankets and sheets from my inheritance from my grandmother, and we move a lot, so I figured, why get rid of perfectly good "moving" blankets? Into the space bag they go.

Along with that, I've tackled the bathroom. All my towels have a place now in my cabinet, my make up is in order, cleaning supplies together, medicine in one basket, first aid in another. Done. I'm very pleased.

The only things left to do, are cleaning and vacuuming and the master "suite" will be finished.

And it's only 3:25pm. What else will I conquer (while I still have energy) today?


  1. Good idea. That would be a good idea for this week.

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