05 April 2012

BLT (hold the T) pizza

I love BLT sandwiches. But, I don't love the tomatoes, so I always get weird looks when I order them without tomatoes. And then I tried one with fried green tomatoes. Oh my. But that story's for another day. This story's about pizza. The first time I ever went to California Pizza Kitchen, I got over giddy that they made a BLT pizza. So I ordered that sucker. It was heaven. I went back again another time with my husband and he was APPALLED that there was LETTUCE on a PIZZA.  He refused to even try it. Fine. Whatever.  More for me. And so, that being said, last night, he was out in the field and didn't come home until after I was long asleep. And nights like that mean I cook whatever I want, normally stuff he doesn't like. So, I made myself a BLT Pizza. Oh yes I did. Thankfully, I had everything I needed in my house.

First off you, start with an exploding can of pizza dough. No lie. This thing popped open and I screamed. I also noticed from standing my can vertical, that the dough was all funny and so I just rolled it out into some blob of a pizza.

Hey, whatever works. I was hungry and wasn't going for aesthetics here.

Then, I added about a cup and 3/4ths of shredded Mozzarella shredded cheese (I like lots of cheese), and sprinkled bacon EVERYWHERE. I don't know how much I used. Did you see the little bags in the first picture? Yeah, I ripped one of those babies open and sprinkled until I was satisfied.

While that was baking (according to the directions on the package), I mixed up some lettuce with about a tablespoon of mayo.

15 minutes later, I get this, which looks good enough to eat by itself. 

And then I just spread the lettuce everywhere. Cut into whatever shape you want, consume immediately. Also, if you wanted tomatoes, here's where you'd put them on. Probably under the lettuce.

Now, I highly recommend that if you put the lettuce on top, that it's consumed immediately. Because, if it just sits there on the hot pizza for 30 minutes, when you come back, it's all wilted. If you'd like, just put the lettuce on each individual slice and go along with it. 

So, looking back, if I were to make a recipe,

1 can of Pizza crust dough
1-2 cups of shredded Mozzarella Cheese
½ cup of bacon pieces
1- 1½ tbsp of mayo
3-4 cups of lettuce

Just guessing. I want to say it took about 25 minutes to prepare and bake.  As every recipe, you can add more or less to your liking. Or make your own dough, or fry your own bacon. Or just buy the shredded lettuce. You know. Creativity!

I think it's delicious. 


  1. I'm inspired! But no sauce on the dough? Maybe ranch (in place of tomato sauce) might be tasty on your BL-hold-the-T?!?

    1. No sauce needed! Trust me. Unless you just like your BLTs smothered in Ranch. :P

    2. We often do fresh tomato slices instead of sauce on our homemade pizzas.