23 April 2012

BONUS ENTRY: Stitches South

I was going to post about this if Knit&Crochet week had a space, but it doesn't so you just get a bonus entry today.
I went to Stitches South this past weekend, and while it wasn't as impressive as the last few years, it was still awesome. I found everything I wanted, and didn't blow my budget (well, just by $5.)
Originally, Mom and I were going to spend two nights up there, but when I saw the vendor list, I changed it to one. We got up Saturday morning, and headed up to ATL/Smyrna. I say that, because if you go across the road from the convention center, you're in Smyrna, but yet, if you're on the side where the center is, you're in Atlanta. I digress. We got there in plenty of time, no traffic blunders, but I did have my usual barrage of derogatories flying out of my mouth, while my mother just shook her head and sighed. Being loaded up on Starbucks hot chocolate didn't help.
We find a parking place, and I bounce right on in. HEAVEN. Six isles of nothing but stuff for ME. Okay, well, others, too. Being that I wasn't dying to chase down any particular booth this year, we just started with aisle 100 and wandered. My first actual "hey I'll buy from here if I can find anything stop" was Neighborhood Fiber Co. She had a cute little booth filled with wonderful indie yarn. As I peered at the labels, making sure I could touch the yarn without itching, I wondered what color I should get. I knew I have enough fingering weight to last me a lifetime, so I stared at the worsted. Which one would speak to me? OF COURSE. The epically beautiful Easterwood, a dark green. Semi solid. Squishy, not itchy. Seen in the earlier blog post. I walk up to the owner and hand her my yarn. "I need this." I declare. "Indeed you do!" she replies. Comes in a cute little reusable sack with her logo on it. Good deal.  I wander off for more. And then my phone rings. Why, who else is it but, Vanessa at Mixed Martial Arts and Crafts. We holler through broken cell phone garble and I just yell "AISLE 100!!" Hoping she'll get the point. After a few minutes, she appears! So, for the rest of the show, Mom and I wander around with her and her husband.
I find lots of things I want, but none that I'll die without, until I pass by the erin.lane bag booth. Oh yes! I need needle holders, because they're EVERYWHERE. And then I find my print. Bras. I can't stop laughing about the bra fabric. I buy a straight and circular needle holder, and now I'm kicking myself for not getting a DPN holder.

Aren't they wonderful? As soon as I'm "allowed" to buy stuff again, (we're saving up for a washer and dryer) I'm going after a matching bag and DPN holder.

We wander a bit more, and I stumble upon the Bijou Basin Ranch folks. I seriously can never say too much about how wonderful these people are. One of them taught me how to purl last year, and I'm still grateful for it. This year, I forgot my 15% off coupon, and they still let me honor it, and because I bought enough skeins (the beautiful five skeins in the previous post), I got the pattern free for the Shawl Cardigan. I don't think I'm proficient enough at knitting yet for it, but I don't care. It's beautiful and I'm going to make it.

After that, I wander on the last row and I FINALLY find one of the main things I came for: Sock blockers. After staring at many awesome looking designs, the final decision between lobsters or rubber ducks, I choose the ducks. I also choose a beautiful shawl pin, that is about to become a hair stick. These are from Purrfectly Catchy Designs. Beautiful, wooden. Well hand made. I also got another shawl pin turned hair stick from Knitting Notions. It's the lighter one in this picture:

And that was that. Or was it? Mom decided she wanted to wander back through, backwards, just in case she missed anything. She kept staring at the yarn baskets pretty hard, but they didn't speak to her. As we wandered off, Mom got a phone call. My cousin finally answered! She wanted to do lunch with us. Yay! She said she made something and wanted us to come to her house. Okie dokie. Mom and I wandered around a bit more, and then Vanessa and her husband met back up with us. About this time, I decided to swim dig through Woolstock's giant bin of yarn. I actually find yarn worthy of purchasing! And with my last $33 (and Mom's $5) I buy 10 skeins of Lousia Harding, the dark charcoal in the previous post. It feels wonderful and has a nice twist to it. We wander down the last few rows, and then we split. We were there a total of three hours, and I blew $205, which I didn't go over budget, and everything fit in my suitcase, and all was well.

After Stitches, we met my cousin who was all "JUST KIDDING. We're going to Mary Mac's!" Mary Mac's, apparently, is an Atlanta institution, and if you don't go, you're going to hell. Okay, not really. But, if you like Southern food and lots of it, it's the place to go. Everything I stuck in my mouth was drool worthy. Especially the Pot Likker. Which is the best turnip greens I have ever eaten. And I loathe turnip greens. After trying all the foods, we all rolled out of there. Down the hill, into the car. I bought the recipe book. I'll be fat in no time. We parted ways, and Mom and I vowed never to eat again.

Mom and I did a teensy bit of shopping, and after both of us were disappointed in what we found we headed back to the hotel. Vanessa and her husband offered to go to dinner with us, but Mom was so full I left her on the couch and went to visit. And then we decided to go to Ted's Montana Grill, but I was just so tired, Vanessa told me to go to bed. I felt awful flaking, but after getting into my pajamas, I flopped into bed, and was snoring by 9:45.

And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, was Stitches South day.

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  1. We used to eat at a Ted's Montana Grill in KS. I love their baked sweet potatoes. Oh, and BRA FABRIC!!!!