24 April 2012

Day Two: Photography Challenge

Today's entry is a photography challenge, the description reads:
"Today challenges you to be creative with your photography...Taking interesting photographs in this instance isn't about flashy cameras or a great deal of technical know-how, it's about setting up a story or scene in a photograph and capturing something imaginative. Your photograph(s) should feature something related to your craft, so that might be either a knitted or crocheted item, yarn, or one of your craft tools. One example of setting a scene would be to photograph a girl in a knitted red cape walking through the woodlands with a basket of goodies, as in the Red Riding Hood tale, or you might photograph a knitted gnome hiding among the flowers in your garden. Photo editing is permitted for competition photos."

So, I thought about this for a while, and then it smacked me upside the head! I knew what I was going to do! After perusing through a few of the already taken photographs today, and I saw no one do it yet, I dare risk it.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you:

Yarn Barf.

For those of you who have no idea what yarn barf is, it's defined as “the mess of tangled yarn you pull out of the middle of a center-pull ball.” And if you'd like pictures, this blog has a very wonderful explanation, and also an interesting way to fix it.

...I thought it was funny. 

Edit: I just learned that you can nominate pictures! If you'd like, please nominate mine here.