10 April 2012

Friends and Family Hafla!

I've been so lazy about blogging, I almost completely forgot to blog about our belly dance Hafla that was on the 29th of March! Oops. Brian was able to come watch, which excited me and made me very nervous all at once. It was loads of fun, even though we had to rush away to a Hail and Farewell afterwards. So, I'll stop talking now and give you pictures!

All the above photos are from J. Whalen Photography. 

All the ones below are mine.

If you can't guess it, I'm the one in the bright blue skirt!
Edit: I can't figure out why my picture formatting is funky. Oh well...


  1. What fun! And look at that backbend - nice!

    1. Charla and I are pros at the backbend now! I was going to invite y'all to come, and then I realized it was the same night as the Hail and Farewell, and decided against it. But! There's another one coming up soonish!