23 April 2012

It's finally here...

YAY! All week I will be blogging about topics and how I feel about them. Are y'all sure you can handle that? Too bad. Cause it's going to happen.

TODAY'S TOPIC IS: Color. (or as the original post says "colour")

I love color, much to my husband's despair. I mean, I have every Fiesta dish color that's available right now.  (Best idea for a wedding present, ever.) I love the use of different shades, to create different themes, feelings, ideas. Color and I have always been friends. With that, I have lots of colorful yarn. But, I find, that when I knit and crochet things, I'm happiest with "neutral" colors. Black, grey, white, brown. But I rarely buy those colors. Why? I'm still not sure yet. I think it's because I have such a colorful wardrobe, I find that I don't get much use out of my colored items, unless it's socks or a hat. Which makes me sad.

I just came back from Stitches South, and I'm eyeballing the yarn I bought. Charcoal grey, Dove grey, and a beautiful dark green. LET ME SHOW YOU:

(I'm very proud of my purchases. I think this is the first time I've bought stuff with projects in mind. Last three Stitches I just bought willy-nilly.)

But, the funny thing about me and my color? I can't stand variegated yarn. I love looking at it in the skein, but once it knits up, it makes me want to bash my head against things. Now, don't get me wrong, semi-solids are fantastic, self-striping is a dream, and ombres are drool worthy. But random patterns and colors? Makes my head want to explode. Yet, I'm still attracted to the variegated skein. But, I've learned to resist.


  1. I'm so opposite. I have to work to put color in my life. I tried to be a goth in high school but I was too lazy to put much work into it, so I just wore lots of black.

    I loooove that dove gray you bought! And hey, I wondered if you could possibly give me pointers on using those double ended needles? I'll be at Stitchers on Friday! (I think I have some double ended needles, just need to find them.)

  2. In high school I wore white, blue and black t-shirts with jeans and chucks. That's it. I didn't try to fit in. I just didn't care. lol though the thought of you trying to be Goth and then giving up makes me chuckle.

    I went and plugged in my yarn in Ravelry, and it turns out it's a light blue? It looks grey to me. But it's FABULOUS, darling.

    And as I said earlier today, I will be more than happy to help you out with the DPNs!

  3. I agree, variegated just doesnt look nice when knitted/crocheted up. Semi solids are much more tolerable.

    Noice purchases *drool*