25 April 2012

Relay for Life

Relay for Life was *always* popular in my hometown growing up. I never went to any events, because the only thing I knew it was about was fundraising and cancer. That's it. So, I was kinda meh about it.

And then November happened. I lost my father-in-law (whom I've never met) and my grandmother to cancer. Ouch. Christmas came and went, and then I lost my uncle, and then my mother-in-law in January. Four people in three months. I'm still at a loss. I'm finally okay to where I can talk about it without bursting into tears, but I still don't like to.

Then this year, Charla decided that she was going to start a team. And then she explained to me how it worked. What? That's all? Well, hell yeah I'm in! So she formed the team hEL Paso's Kitchen (get it? The theme this year is reality TV shows) So, for them, I'm joining.

I'm joining for my in-laws who lost their battle with lung cancer. For my grandmother who lost her battle with ovarian cancer. My uncle who fought long and hard with his cancer, only to be cut short, because of a brain tumor. For my grandfather, who also lost his battle with lung cancer. For my mother who narrowly avoided colon cancer. For my aunt who won her battle against breast cancer. For my friends and family who survived. For everyone who died.

I will walk.

And now for the part I hate. Fundraising. I have set a small, personal goal of $100. If I don't make it, that's okay, but if I exceed it, that's even better. I know times are tight, but if you're willing to donate anything at all, I'll be grateful.

I thought there was a little widget for fundraising, but apparently not. If you're feeling generous, please head over to my personal fundraising page and help me help others survive.


  1. Yay! I'm so glad I have friends willing to do a team with me :) I think we will have fun together. I'm already thinking of things we can cook and sell on the night of. As serious as cancer is, the event itself is sooo much fun!