18 April 2012

Trees! Blessed trees!

Mmm. Trees. So many. So pretty. So green. That's right, I'm currently "on vacation" from El Paso. I'm hanging out here at my homestead in Georgia. It rained this morning. Everything's so pretty and green. And I can breathe without wheezing.
I arrived on Sunday, and so far, my adventures have been nice. Saw a bunch of friends and people I know on Monday. It's nice just walking around downtown Milledgeville and getting mobbed by people. I also did a little hometown shopping. Went to the local antique store, Auntie Bellum's Attic (get it?) and tried not to buy everything in the store. I did walk out with some church/hometown cookbooks, because those are the BEST things to buy. Four more for my collection.
Tuesday involved checking out the local cupcake place, Doodle's,  that's only open on Tuesday. I had the Elvis cupcake. It was a chocolate-banana cupcake with peanut butter icing. I'm a little disappointed there wasn't bacon incorporated somewhere in there, but it was delicious! I also went on a hunt for an anniversary present for Brian. Our 2nd wedding anniversary is May 1st. Wonder if we'll actually celebrate this one together? Last one I was trying to figure out how to knit and celebrating that they had finally gotten Osama Bin Laden.
Today is "Daddy Day." Wednesday is the day that Dad closes the store so that he can rest and get stuff done around town without having to worry about his business. I was supposed to help him take stuff to the Christian Outreach (like a Goodwill) but being that it rained, I think our plans have changed a little. He left me a note saying that he'll be back around lunch, when yesterday he told me to be ready at 10. It's 10 now. Ah well. Guess it's just me and Pepper, for now!

Meet Pepper:

A two year old Mini Schnauzer who likes to sniff your ears and bark at the rain.

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  1. Sounds like a fabulous trip home, so far! Enjoy your time with that lil cutie, Pepper! :)