01 May 2012

And now for something compeltely different...

...okay, maybe not. But anywho, it's the first of the month. A fresh beginning, a new start, etc. It also happens to be my 2nd wedding anniversary and May Day. I'm still tiny bit sad I didn't dance around a May Pole in my wedding dress, but ah well. One of my fellow bloggers, Kena,  stuck this up on her instagram this morning.

Well, that's kinda fun. I'm pretty sure I can at least do this challenge. So, between packing and the 9485034 other things I do in my life, I am going to attempt this challenge.

So, I give you, Peace.

If you've ever owned two cats, at least one being a kitten, you'll understand.

1 comment:

  1. I tried to do the one in April, but I kept forgetting to do it. Hopefully I won't for May, it seems like it would be really fun.