07 May 2012

Monday, Monday

Can't trust that day.

I haven't forgotten about the Photo A Day May, I've just been too lazy to download, edit, upload and then post my pictures. Busy would also apply to this statement.

Brian and I tried starting the Couch to 5K this weekend. Turns out, I wasn't that bad. And I have to remember not to compare myself to Brian, who's been running since like 2001 or something. But, it felt nice and I wasn't too tired afterwards. It was the next day that I remembered why I don't run. Shin Splints. Oh, they're terrible. I barely survived therapy today, and won't survive belly dancing, so I'm coming home to rest and hopefully finish my dress. Next time we run, it'll be in dirt. Or on a proper track.

Dress, did I say? Yes I did! Last month, I bought a pattern, and then a few weeks later, I went back into Hobby Lobby and discovered that they sold red gingham that isn't in the tiny pattern. So I greedily bought four yards. And there it sat. Until yesterday. Our luncheon this month is themed "Let's Make A Deal." You know, that crazy game show with Wayne Brady where everyone shows up in costume? Indeed. That means, I needed a costume. So, trying not to blow any money, I racked my brain for ideas. I saw my granny boots. I could be a Saloon Girl! GREAT. Turns out, I've lost that pattern. Darn. So I thought a bit more. Talked to friends, and then it hit me. Picnic tablecloth fabric? Extra solid red fabric? Basket? GENIUS. I'm going to be Little Red Riding Hood. Indeed, I am. I'll have pictures up as soon as I'm finished. I'm a bit excited.

Also, my trying to stay off the internet is working well! I've gotten a lot accomplished last week, and this week, I might actually put MORE stuff in boxes! How exciting. Packing and I are not friends.

And now, a picture for your time:

I die laughing every time I see it.


  1. I have a super simple skirt pattern you are welcome to borrow. In fact, it's the one I want to make out of jersey and would love to borrow your serger for!

    If you feel up to realizing how much of a running geek I've become, talk to me sometime about those shin splints.

    1. Ooh yes, please! As I have found a small stash of jersey in my possession. Once I get done with this dress, I might pass my serger to your hands for safe keeping during the move.

      JUST MAKE THEM STOP HAPPENING. And I'll be happy.

  2. Give me your Internet time >:o!

    I can't run. Maybe I can. But I most assuredly do not want to. AHOY, BOOBS. Sports bras can go die in a fire. So I congratulate you on surviving the run. :D

    1. I would very happily donate internet to you.

      DOOD. I found a sports bra that makes my boobs happy AND you don't have to yank it over your head! It's from Nike and I got it at Academy!