11 May 2012

PSA: Donate Blood

Ever since I was "of age" to give blood, I tried. I've either been underweight or anemic. Finally, in 2006 I was able to give! And then since then, I haven't been able. Anemic, again. CURSED. So, a couple of days ago, I saw on Facebook that they were doing a blood drive at the PX. What the hell, I'd  go try again. Today, after enjoying my Blissful Stitchers group, a very awesome lady who fixed my hair, I walked up there and said I wanted to try. And try I did.

It took them 10 minutes to find a vein (I have tiny veins), but when they did, the very talented Sgt. Riveras poked me no problem, and it didn't hurt at all! Though, I was staring at the Cinnabon sign, so that might have helped. It went by very quickly, and I was entertained by a very cheerful staff. I was doing great! I was ready to eat my cookies and drink my juice and go home! But, then it happened. As the Sgt was taking out my needle, blood squirted out. I got lightheaded, my hearing went, and I was right before tunnel vision when he propped my chair back, and threw an ice pack on my chest. Oh, fainting at the sight of blood, how you plague me. So, I ate two packs of cookies and drank a couple of Capri-Suns and I was good to go. And now I'm sitting here, thinking a nap is in order to celebrate my blood donation. I'm very pleased that I can now!

While chatting with the Sgt and his coworkers, I learned some interesting things. One being that what blood people donate to the military, is what they have. If they have a shortage, they have to BUY it from organizations such as the Red Cross. That's right BUY. B-U-Y. How lame is that? So, my friends, anytime you see a blood drive specifically for the military, please go donate. It doesn't hurt, I swear.


  1. I have only been able to donate blood one time, and I shouldn't have even that time. I was in college and someone had mentioned that you had to be a certain weight, but when I asked the people running the drive, they said no. So I gave blood, and felt terrible for at least two days. I couldn't do anything the day of.
    Then thinking you didn't have to be a certain weight (and years later), I drove an hour to another blood donation drive only to find out that yes, you do have to weigh so much, and I did not.

    I would donate it if I could thought! :D

    1. Doesn't that make you sad? I was underweight for the longest time, but now that I'm 125, I will gladly stick out my arm!

  2. Ok. I think it's been long enough since my last piercing that I can donate. Next one that comes, I will give it another try.

    But seriously, girl. You faint at the sight of blood and you donated blood? WTF?! You are such a goof.

    1. I think they said they'll be back in July? If not, if you really don't want to wait, there is a place on post somewhere, not sure where though.

      Hey, I was okay seeing it in the tube, cause, it looked like it was just a dark tube! It's normally the squirting, oozing, and dripping that gets me. ;)