25 June 2012

Busy, busy.

Well, I am feeling considerably better since my last post. Stupid sinus infection. I was just so drained, could barely get off the couch. Anywho, here's a recap of this weekend.

Our last belly dance hafla for a while happened, on Thursday. (Not the weekend, I know, hush.)

Photo from J. Whalen Photography
That's Charla and I being all awesome. Can you feel the awesome? Cause I do.

Then, the weekend happened. We decided to test our new grill with some steak and zucchini.

Yay! Cell phone shot! At least I didn't instagram it.

Steak wasn't too bad. Brian let it cook a little too long, but that's okay. The zucchini, on the other hand was awesome. Marinated it in olive oil, thyme, oregano, basil and some garlic powder. Tasted awesome.

Brian also bought a lawnmower.

I'm so thrilled to have this backyard, you have no idea. At the last house, the lawn was dead when we arrived, and couldn't revive it. It's so nice and plush. It'd make my daddy proud.

And while Brian was doing yard work, I've finally made something I can show! A plastic bag holder!

I was tired of just having them everywhere, so I had some leftover fabric from making my kitchen curtains (they're not done yet) so I whipped this up. Not too hard, really. And it's a toaster print! How cute is that?

But yeah, I haven't been posting crafty-crafts that I've been working on recently, because most of them are gifts. Some you won't see til after Christmas. I've been working pretty diligently though!


  1. I'm curious to see what you're working on. I'm currently in the midst of Christmas projects too!

  2. How do you make a plastic bag holder?

  3. I totally feel the awesome in that pic!