17 July 2012

Upcoming projects...

So a certain someone (Mom) has asked me to post. Yeah, it's been a while, terribly sorry. But as I said sometime in an earlier post, I've started working on Christmas presents and "Yay New Babies!" presents, so the people that are getting the aforementioned stuff READ this blog, so I can't post my stuffs...yet.

I CAN tell you that I'm going to attempt a "quilted" duvet cover. I bought a bunch of 5" squares (apparently it's called a Layer Cake), along with a Jelly Roll (strips of fabric)and will sew them together in what hopefully will become a awesome looking duvet. My fabric arrived last week, so I can finally show a picture of it!

The colors are red, grey, black and an off-white. If you can't read it, it's called "Mama Said SEW" and it's by Sweetwater for Moda, which means it's pretty awesome fabric. I'm excited to get this done, but I'm going to go slow.

My second project I'm just starting to work on (no, really, I got a square cut out before I started writing this) is a Fall table runner. Fall is one of my favorite seasons, mainly, because here in Hell Paso, it's slightly cooler and not as windy. Though, if I were back home, it would mean the leaves started changing colors. Anywho, here's a few of the fabrics.

That's just five of them. There's two other colors, but I'm being lazy and not posting them. This involves quilting and applique. I've never done it before, but I'm looking forward to figuring it out!

Lastly, what's being planned in my head (besides baby stuffs) is a blanket for my husband to take on his future travels. I know what I want to make him, but I'm trying to figure out fabrics.

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