02 September 2012

Test tube?

As a kid, I was a tomboy. While I liked Barbies and dress up, getting me in any thing other than a shapless t-shirt and jeans was a challenge. I didn't care how I looked. I wanted to be comfortable and not have to be "lady-like" when I slouched. Trying to put make up on me before dance recitals, you'd think I was being tortured. Even in high school when all my other friends were wearing make up and cute outfits, I'd throw something on, brush my hair, hope my socks matched and ran out the door.

I think it was college before I figured out I wasn't dog ugly, and that if I put in my contacts, wore a fitted shirt, and just a hint of make up, I could make the boys run into flag poles. (True story.) And now, in my late twenties, I've realized that wearing dresses and makeup is FUN. (That sound you just heard was my mother fainting from shock.)

Needless to say, when I got home from work on Thursday and saw a bright pink box on the counter for me, I was excited and disappointed all at once. Mainly, because I thought it was a box of baked goods. BUT, what I found inside was better than that.

Gratis bathroom shot.

New Beauty's test tube! Oooh. Beauty samples! Ten years ago, I would have given my mother an evil look. While, today, I squeed and called her almost immediately after inspecting it. It was filled with exciting new goodies for me to try.

Um, hello amazing stuff. If you click on the picture, you can see what's in there.
So far, I've tried:
- Mally Lipstick, it's pretty awesome, and the nude goes really well with my pale skin tone
- Smashbox photo finish foundation primer, works well
- philosophy's love sweet love, I may be biased, but I love everything from philosophy.
- bliss body butter in lemon and sage, once again, biased.

I haven't needed to try the eye spackle yet, along with the hair care products or the Algenst. I'm trying the Algenist tonight, though. If anyone wants to know, I'll report back.

It also comes with a New Beauty magazine, which, while flipping through, I frowned upon some of it's contents, mainly because it's promoting cosmetic surgery. I mean, unless you feel you look that terrible, I don't think you should do that to yourself. Though, that's just my opinion.

But, the best part about this is, I'm signed up for a bunch more samples! So, basically every two months or so, I get a new one of these suckers!

And there. That's my vain post for the month.

Thanks again, Mom.


  1. I have some Ojon hair stuff that helps keep my color from fading when I'm going from Blonde back to darker colors. It works well and feels good in my hair.

    It took me a long time to discover girly also, but now I'm heading back into a bit of a tomboy phase. Jeans and tshirts (more fitted tshirts now) and as little makeup as possible to make me not look ill.

  2. I still haven't discovered girly. D: I paint my nails occasionally (too keep from nomming them off) and that's about it! I have no idea how to apply makeup or how to do fancy hair. I'm a failure at being a dainty princess but I'm comfy, hah.