18 November 2012

Another month has passed...

I'm really getting slack at this blogging thing. I think it's mainly because everything I'm still making is a present of some sort. I did get the baby shower gifts completed...I just forgot to take pictures of them! Oops.

Though, I suppose, I could tell you about our latest adventure: We went to Vegas!
Brian and I had always talked about going to Vegas, probably for a few years now, at least. And a couple of weeks ago, we finally got a chance! It was an amazing experience. Being that it was our first time, we kept it a little low key. Basically, we wandered in and out of the casinos and just enjoyed ourselves! I have to say, I think my favorite part was dining at Restaurant Guy Savoy. It's a two Michelin star restaurant, tucked away in Caesar's Palace. I also think it was our first experince with French food togther. It was amazing. I just "mmmm" and "ooooh" and savored every bite. I'd never tasted anything like it. I would go back every night, if I had the money.
My other favorite part was seeing Daniel Tosh live. He's hilarious. I even loved that he comes with a disclaimer now. There was even a heckler that got kicked out. It was awesome!

I honestly didn't take that many pictures, because I really didn't want to lug a DSLR around Vegas. But, the day I did, we went to the Neon Boneyard, which is something any Vegas fiend needs to go see.

Just a few of what I took. It was fun wandering around and learning the history of the signs.

We also went to Hoover Dam, which was astounding. It just blew my mind that it was made by hand. I loved it, and really enjoyed doing the Dam Tour. We went inside the dam, and it was just a once in a lifetime experience!

I'd seriously recommend not missing out on going to see it, if you're in the area. Even if you don't go on the tour, at least walk around and just admire the craftsmanship of it!