24 January 2013

I spy...a finished object!

TWO OF THEM. Any one else as shocked as I am?

First off, we have the "first half" of the Beard Man Hat that I'm making for my brother.

Yes. That is a "camouflaged" hat as he requested. It's more stripey than broken up, like camo actually should be, but I think I did a pretty decent job. I used the Basic Bulky Manly Man Hat but, didn't make it a flippy brim. My brother has a fat head, so this pattern is perfect for it. I also used Lorna's Laces Shepard Worsted Multi yarn. I feel this yarn is definitely more Aran weight than Worsted. It's also very soft, and not itchy at all! I have half a skein left. Wonder what I should do with it?

My next project, I finished in about an hour. It would have been thirty minutes if I hadn't screwed up the first time, and melted my fingerprints off.

A jar pin cushion! I have no idea what possessed me to make this, but I was browsing pinterest, came upon this pin, and had everything on hand. So I figured, why not? I think it turned out super cute! Though, the first time, I cut a little too much fabric, and it turned into one giant mess. The lid wouldn't even screw on.

See? Giant mess. And that's roving, not hair attached to the glue. So don't worry, I'm not disgusting.

Hopefully the creative bug will keep on biting me...

22 January 2013

Be careful what you wish for...

So, after I got over the flu, life was going pretty good. My friends and I went out to eat for my birthday celebration, I got to go to belly dance, I attended a luncheon, work was going smoothly, there were pictures of my husband from across the world on Facebook. It was swell. No, just kidding. This introvert was overwhelmed. Mentally exhausted. I said "Damn, I need a break!" And a break I got.

Saturday morning, the day I was supposed to go shoot things, I woke up at 1 am to toss my cookies. Yes. I know I'm sick if I throw up. It rarely happens, thankfully. But ugh. So, from Saturday until yesterday, I've felt like death warmed over. Wallowing in self-pity, consuming, crackers, toast, chicken broth and sports drinks. Not able to leave the house. I have the freakin' flu AGAIN.

The only good thing that's come of it, is I've finished half of my brother's Christmas present. But I can't finish the other half until I find some brown yarn. I also started watching Doctor Who and Once Upon a Time.

PSA: Don't Get the Flu

13 January 2013

Living the Dream

Well, this past week, I had a birthday. No, I will not admit to how young I am; that's something that you don't need to know. Moving along, it was probably one of the most miserable birthdays I had in a while. Why? Because I had the flu. Yes. In my many years of being on this earth, I've NEVER had the flu. And of course, as tradition holds, I was sick on/around my birthday. Also, the deployment curse probably helped, too. The only good thing about having the flu was I dropped 8lbs. That was kinda nice.

For this weeks sewing challenge, I'm making my first paper pieced quilt square. The local stitches group here is doing a "Hey, We're All Awesome" quilt along. I guess that's what you'd call it. We're all making quilt blocks, and then giving everyone a block that we've made. Friendship quilt, I suppose? Anywho, I'm excited. It's really cute it's a spool pattern. They'll look something like this:

Picture from lynbrown.com
Wish me luck!

08 January 2013


Sometime a while back, I mentioned that I was busy with Christmas presents and baby gifts and the like. Well, of course I forgot to take pictures of the baby gifts I made, but! I didn't forget to take a picture of my parent's Christmas present.

Back in, oh, almost a year ago, I was at our Stitchers group, and I was flipping through a cross-stitch catalog. And I saw it. The most perfect cross-stitch piece that my mother would LOVE. I got home later that day and ordered it from the catalog via internet. Success. Fast forward a month later, it said it shipped, but it hadn't? So, I emailed the company. LOL JK. They were sold out and forgot to tell me. Gee, thanks. So, I franticlly searched the internet and found the last kit on another website. Three days later, I had it. SUCCESS.

I want to say I had this piece done by early Fall. Because that's when I got it framed. I can't remember exact dates or anything, but I loved working on this piece. It wasn't boring or tedious at all. And best of all Mom AND Dad liked it!

Here it is, in all it's framed, finished glory:

JCA Needle Treasures  "Welcome Almanac"

I also took some creative liberties and finished it the way I wanted to.  For example, the Christmas lights are not the proper color and the arrow through the heart is gold, not grey. The finger prints on the glass were an last minute afterthought...

04 January 2013


Some exciting news from the desert, it SNOWED yesterday! Yes, that's right, almost three inches of glorious, fluffy snow! And it was absolutely beautiful!

I was tempted to build a snowman, but then I remembered I had no "snow proof" gloves. So, I pouted and hid inside for the rest of the day.

My backyard is still covered in snow, today. Well, except for the small patch where I tossed the cats in to see their reactions. Winnie, not so much. Scout, was way too curious.

Well, I was going to post the pictures of the kitty prints in the snow but blogger isn't letting me insert the picture for some reason.  Hmm. Better luck next time.

02 January 2013


Well, if I haven't been the ultimate slacker with this blog. It is in my nature...I can't help it.

Anywho, New Year, New You, right? RIGHT? Here's hoping. Well, in my blogging habits. I'm pretty awesome the way I am.

As I've mentioned countless times before, I don't make resolutions, I give myself challenges or even goals. Which basically are the same things but, shhh. Don't tell my brain that. So with that, here are a few of my non-resolutions:

1. Become capable of walking up a flight of stairs without wheezing.
Some of you may have laughed at this one. While I'm not fat, I'm incredibly out of shape. I'm not kidding. I haven't had a daily exercise routine since 2001. And life is slowly catching up with me. So, my goal is when my husband comes back from being deployed (oh hey, you don't know about that, either.) that I can keep up with him. EPIC CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

2. Read more books. 
Okay, I STILL hear some of you laughing. Mostly, because you've known that I've been reading by myself at the ridiculous age of two or three.  And that I can read about 1000 words per minute. (Mainly textbooks and things I don't want to read.) And that I was ALWAYS at the top of the AR lists in school. /bragging
You also still may be laughing because I've worked in nothing but bookstores and libraries for most of my job history. But damnit, I don't feel that I read enough. My ultimate goal is to read at the very least 52 books this year. (Book a week?) I mean, I work in a LIBRARY. I have FREE BOOKS. Oh well. This just means I need to stay off the internet more.

3. Cook better
While I think I'm a pretty decent home cook, there's always room for improvement, right? I mean, I don't want to start serving up 2 Michelin star courses anytime soon (though, I think it'd be awesome) I just want to know how to do stuff a bit, healthier.  Not your no-fat crap. But using fresh ingredients and spices. How to cut things. How not to dry out the chicken in the oven. How to make things taste awesome without adding all that junk. (I'm looking at you, lard.) I mean, don't get me wrong. Slapping Crisco in your cookies every now and then is heavenly, but don't you think there's better ways to do it?

4. Create more.
I'm putting create instead of craft. It gives it a broader sense of subject.  I want to make a quilt this year. I'd like to make a pair of socks. I'd like to finish my cross-stitch pieces and do a few more. I'd like to learn how to frame. I'd like to have a small herb garden. I'd like to actually finish a dress. I'd like to have better culinary works of art. Update this blog more. Etc. Etc.

5. Be more organized.
My husband once said, "if I leave you to your own devices, you will soothe yourself with organized chaos." Which is true. He's gone, and I don't feel I need to have the house spotless. I mean, it's not like the house is dirty, but the table is full of care package goodies, the couches have magazines and workout equipment all over them. The bedroom still looks like my suitcase exploded. My office...well, it's basically in piles. But, it's all organized. In a messy sort of way. But, how am I going to be more organized, when I already have it Amber organized? That, my dear readers, is the challenge of the century.

6. Survive the deployment.
While, I have a month and some change down, I'd really like to survive it. While I know I can do it, I just don't know how well I can without succumbing to depression.  Yeah, yeah I know I can do this. I mean, it sucks having your husband 34987539487 miles away from you,  and he's all stressed out over there and there's nothing you can do about it besides email and hope for the best. I just wanna hug him. (And various other things not mentionable on blogger...)

And there you have it. My goals (non-resolutions) for this year. I feel they are able to be accomplished. And I hope I can. Cause, I'm awesome, and these would make me even MOAR awesome.

Did I fail to mention that 13 is one of my lucky numbers?