08 January 2013


Sometime a while back, I mentioned that I was busy with Christmas presents and baby gifts and the like. Well, of course I forgot to take pictures of the baby gifts I made, but! I didn't forget to take a picture of my parent's Christmas present.

Back in, oh, almost a year ago, I was at our Stitchers group, and I was flipping through a cross-stitch catalog. And I saw it. The most perfect cross-stitch piece that my mother would LOVE. I got home later that day and ordered it from the catalog via internet. Success. Fast forward a month later, it said it shipped, but it hadn't? So, I emailed the company. LOL JK. They were sold out and forgot to tell me. Gee, thanks. So, I franticlly searched the internet and found the last kit on another website. Three days later, I had it. SUCCESS.

I want to say I had this piece done by early Fall. Because that's when I got it framed. I can't remember exact dates or anything, but I loved working on this piece. It wasn't boring or tedious at all. And best of all Mom AND Dad liked it!

Here it is, in all it's framed, finished glory:

JCA Needle Treasures  "Welcome Almanac"

I also took some creative liberties and finished it the way I wanted to.  For example, the Christmas lights are not the proper color and the arrow through the heart is gold, not grey. The finger prints on the glass were an last minute afterthought...