24 January 2013

I spy...a finished object!

TWO OF THEM. Any one else as shocked as I am?

First off, we have the "first half" of the Beard Man Hat that I'm making for my brother.

Yes. That is a "camouflaged" hat as he requested. It's more stripey than broken up, like camo actually should be, but I think I did a pretty decent job. I used the Basic Bulky Manly Man Hat but, didn't make it a flippy brim. My brother has a fat head, so this pattern is perfect for it. I also used Lorna's Laces Shepard Worsted Multi yarn. I feel this yarn is definitely more Aran weight than Worsted. It's also very soft, and not itchy at all! I have half a skein left. Wonder what I should do with it?

My next project, I finished in about an hour. It would have been thirty minutes if I hadn't screwed up the first time, and melted my fingerprints off.

A jar pin cushion! I have no idea what possessed me to make this, but I was browsing pinterest, came upon this pin, and had everything on hand. So I figured, why not? I think it turned out super cute! Though, the first time, I cut a little too much fabric, and it turned into one giant mess. The lid wouldn't even screw on.

See? Giant mess. And that's roving, not hair attached to the glue. So don't worry, I'm not disgusting.

Hopefully the creative bug will keep on biting me...