10 March 2013

Decisons, decisons.

My first quilt is coming to an end. Meaning, I need to start picking out the backing and binding! Yes, I am insane, and I'm going to make my own binding. I like a good challenge. Though, I've don't think I've reached the insanity level of wanting to hand quit yet. Not yet. If you'll recall this post, where I show off my beginnings of the quilt (i.e. not sewn together, yet). I've decided to keep it a small quilt. Probably just to place on top of the bed for decoration (and extra warmth, etc), but not to replace the comforter, like I originally planned. So, now, I'm trying to pick out a backing and I need opinions!

I'm definitely doing the black plaid for the binding (fourth row down, third square). But, my problem is, I can't pick a backing! Should I do the red polka dots (top row, third square), the black "pattern" print (fifth row down, second square), or the red "zig zag" pattern (seventh row down, last square)? Or, would you suggest another one?

Ready? And GO.


  1. Binding is SUPER easy! I can help you with that, if you'd like.

    As for backing fabric, pick what color thread you are going to quilt with first. That will help you pick your backing color. (i.e. If you're quilting with red thread on the top, try a red backing so that your bobbin will be the same color and blend into the backing...if that's the look you're going for ("hidden" quilting).)

    I would also suggest a "busy" patterned fabric for backing as it helps hide quilting "oops's".

    Also, I would avoid lined patterns as it's a *B* to try to make sure the back and the top are lined up perfectly so your lined back isn't all crooked.

    All that said, I'd pick either:
    the red polka dots (top row, 3rd square)
    the red/white "Sew" (6th row, 2nd square)

    1. Oh good! I'll come harass you when all the fabric comes in. How does one know to calculate how much fabric they'll need to make the binding?

      I think I'm leaning towards the polka dots (just cause I love them) but I was trying to be a little different. I liked the sew, but I don't know if I could stand that in a large quantity.


  2. Personally, I think since you're doing black for the binding you'll want to add more red for the backing. I like the polka dots, I think.

    1. See, that's what I was going for, also. I knew I didn't want the white or grey, and black would be a little too much, but I do enjoy the "newsprint." I'm figured I should just stick with what I "know" aka. polka dots. I was just trying to get some diversity in my life. :P

  3. Binding was, like, the easiest part of my quilt. You'll do great.