17 March 2013

I'm a Dirty Girl.

Well, friends. I did it. I successfully completed my first 5k obstacle course, the Dirty Girl Mud Run. It was insanely fun. Despite being in the Chihuahuan Desert, covered in mud.  Thankfully, this is not a competitive event, so I have no idea what my time was, nor do I really care. I am pleased to say I did every obstacle, including the watery-gravel pits that we needed to low crawl through. My poor knees. Moving along, here's the story. (Warning: Photo Heavy.)

Charla and I got there around nine. Just in time, too. We were one of the last ones to get "close" parking. That was a blessing after the race. No major lines anywhere, which was nice. We checked in pretty quickly and got our numbers. I was 5419. A nice number. Then, we got some "free" swag. Got a Dirty Girl t-shirt, and two necklaces. Not bad. Not bad at all. As Charla and I were pinning on numbers, and talking to someone Charla knew, Jaci and her awesome self showed up. Which means, I can begin with the photos.

So, this is us, before we got all muddy and gross. Obligatory photo with the Dirty Girl entrance way.  So, we put our stuff away and start looking for our other teammate, Kim.

Ah ha! We found her and her husband, so the even more ridiclious pictures are taken. GO TEAM TACO KICKERS. We'll put a thunk in your junk.

And here's a picture of everybody. Jaci's an honorary Taco Kicker, mainly because she followed us around for about half the course being our race photographer. I will never be able to thank her enough.

Getting excited and getting ready to go!

AND WE'RE OFF...we skipped across the start line. Because we're frickin' awesome.

Over the first obstacle! This picture is fabulous and sad all at the same time. One, is because it looks like I'm going to kick Charla in the head. The sad part is, this is the last we'll see of Kim. She did some fabulous ninja moves on the way down, and unfortunately severely injured her ankle. It was the size of the grapefruit when she told us to go on without her.

So on we ran! To the next obstacle. Mud pit #1.

Yes, I basically just belly flopped into the mud pit. This is one of my favorite pictures.

This is mud pit #2. Or should I say water-gravel-dirt pit. That crap hurt my knees.

Here's me peering around the wall. As the original caption said "Amber doesn't like suprises." Mildy true. I just wanted to make sure that I could make it safely over without injuring myself.
And this is where Jaci parted from us. She was wearing flip flops, and didn't want to go 5k in flip flops. I seriously can't blame her.

From here, we went through a few other obstacles. One was what I call "Mission Impossible." It's like dodging a bunch of lasers, but instead of lasers they were bungie cords. Kinda fun. Then, we walked up a hill, and sloshed through a waist deep mud pit. Washed our mud laden shoes off, only for a bit. Then, the next obstacle was one of my favorites. It was a giant SLIDE. It was so much fun.  I wanted to do it again and again. But, instead I carried on.

And then guess what!


Here's me ontop of another obstacle. Something with nets. I basically just barrel rolled across it. Much easier. But, I'm also posting it because of the girl next to me. She told me that she's a mom of three, with a breast fed newborn she left at home to do this. And her and her husband will be doing the Jailbreak run later this year. How amazing is that? Not to mention, she was pretty awesome, too.

And here is a fantastic picture of me on top of something, ringing a bell. Such triumph on my face.

And here is mud pit #4. It was also water-gravel-dirt. My face is saying "Really? More rocks? Again? My poor knees are angry after this point.

This is mud pit #5. The last and final one right before the finish. The other mud pits didn't cater to Charla's and I original plan.

What plan could that be? Something, clearly involving mud.

Why mud angels, of course! This was so much fun. And this is also my other favorite picture of the set. I was absolutely disgusting after this. Seriously, just CAKED in mud. It was awesome.

And this would be Charla and me dancing across the finish line.


Makes us qualified badasses.  See our badassery?

This event was seriously amazing. I would do it again, if I ever got the opportunity. Not to mention, the weather was perfect. It was 85ยบ, slightly overcast with a bit of breeze. Not miserable at all. I'd highly recommend doing this event to any woman.

Also, I'd like to thank Charla for not leaving me behind and keeping at my pace. She's the runner, and I'm so not.

AND extra extra special thanks to Jaci and Jaci Greggs Photography for being our race photographer. You are amazing and I will never be able to thank you enough!


  1. It was so fun! Thanks so much for inviting me!!

  2. WOW! looks like a fantastic event! Hope Kim's ankle gets better.

    Looks like you had a ball!

  3. oh F*** so i just googled 'dirty girl' wanting to learn more... and yeah, don't do that at work!


  4. YAY! YOU WON! Or whatever. I'm so damn envious. I am the queen of bad decisions this week apparently. AND yay for now having a link to Jaci's photo page so I can link to her too. YAY! You guys rocked it :)

  5. So much fun! I'm so proud of you, Amber! PS I've got my room booked for Stitches South. I really hope to see you there. A bunch of my blog friends will be there too.