25 April 2013

Friday at the Tabernacle.

Well, here's the awesome post I promised you about. Friday. I can't remember what I did most of Friday morning-afternoon. I think I sat in a chair and played on the internet.  Well, I did go pick my mother up from work and ran a few errands with her, but other than that, not much. I was preparing for my epic night. Well...to me. 'Bout four o'clock my cousin, Maisy, came over, and she sat around and chatted with Mom for a minute or two, while I rushed about getting dressed. Nothing fancy. Just jeans and a t-shirt. I ain't go no one to impress, while Maisy always looks to fit the part where she's going. So, finally we piled into the car, and off we went TO ATLANTA. (I'm from a small town, bite me.) First stop? Little Five Points. I haven't been to Little Five Points since high school (shhh) and Maisy had never been. So, after searching for parking for three hours (just kidding, like 15 minutes) We wandered around Junkman's Daughter for a bit. I was sad that I had never taken her to it before, or even Junkman's Daughter's Brother. It's a fabulous store with everything you never needed in your life. I wanted to get a few cute dresses, but I refrained. Got some stuff from Knock, Knock instead.

After that, we headed over to The Vortex. Holy Crap. If you're ever in Atlanta, and love burgers, screw The Varsity. Go to The Vortex. Just make sure you're 18+. Everything I've ever eaten there is like a party in my mouth. Heaven. Bliss. Amazement. This time, I had the Zombie Apocalypse "omfg burger". Just look at it.

Oooh yeah. That's a piece of Texas Toast, with a burger, smothered in BBQ, covered in two fried eggs, and some BBQ sauce. (and a knife stuck in it, killing the zombie. Get it?) Holy hell, it was amazing. I ate ever bit of that sucker, too. Though, normally,  you can slather BBQ sauce on anything and I'll eat it. My favorite condiment. Seriously. Go to the Vortex.

We still had time to kill before we needed to be anywhere near the Tabernacle, so I sped to Kennesaw to take Maisy to a mall. We putted around Spencers before we realized the mall was closing in 15 minutes. So we hauled ass to Forever 21, so Maisy could find some fun things. (No fun things for me. I don't want to be Forever 21. Pshh.) And then we left the mall, heading to the Tabernacle!

After being confused on what the hell the GPS was trying to get at, we finally found the parking garage and the Tabernacle. So there I am in my jeans, t-shirt, Birkenstocks and hooded jacket, while Maisy's looking, Rockstar fierce, and we look around. All the other girls are in cute little springy dresses, and they're whining to their men, "We're so COLD." Of course, the cynics we are, Maisy and I start chuckling evilly. It's 50ºF out. We're smart. We brought JACKETS. So, we enjoy listening in on conversations for the 30 minute outdoor wait, and then we start to file in. I'd never been to the Tabernacle. It's pretty awesome looking. See?


We have the most amazing, perfect seats I could have asked for. Front row, front balcony, to the right side of the stage. Amazing seats. Besides the crazy drunk dude. Seriously thought he was going to rip the balcony down.

So, finally, about 11pm, the lights dim, and the warm ups come on stage. Both pretty funny. I enjoyed how one was living the bachelor life, and how one was a dad. Interesting how they did that. And then, something magical happened. The first comedian came on state and announced how they were filming Anchorman 2 in Atlanta, and, well, lookie here. Paul Rudd and David Kotchner appeared on stage. Hole-ee crap. Here's my terrible picture of them.

I was seriously gaping the whole time they were on stage. Closest I've been to anyone who's ever been in the movies! So, they introduced Bill Burr and he came on stage (you can see him lurking down the stairwell). And he was amazing as always. I laughed til I cried. When I stopped crying, I laughed til I could laugh no more. An hour of amazing entertainment. And then...the best part...they said we could MEET him and take PICTURES with him. Saaaaay whaaaaaaat?! So I asked Maisy if she cared. "Hell no." So we stood in line for maybe fifteen minutes? I bought an autographed DVD to send to Brian, and then there it was. David Kotchner was taking pictures, and when I walked up to hand him my phone he goes, "Damn, Bill! Look at these hotties!" or something like that. All I remember is David Kotchner called me a hottie. LOL WUT. So, I walk up to Bill and shake his hand, and he's all nice and awesome, and we pose and go on with our merry lives.

I don't care that I look crazed in that picture (star-struck, I mean) but I have a picture with Bill Burr. BILL FUCKING BURR. I also feel really, really short.

So, we wander back to the car, and head home. Well, trying to head home. The freakin' GPS didn't know where the hell it was going, but thankfully, I know my basics to get out of Atlanta, thanks to my husband. After crossing four lanes of traffic, almost going the wrong way and through the ghetto, we're on the way home. Get home at 3am, and just crash.
The only thing that could have made this night better, is if Brian was with me. DAMN YOU DEPLOYMENT.

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  1. Wow, that's pretty awesome! And thanks for reminding me how much I hate driving in Atlanta.