19 April 2013

Keep Georgia Peachy clean.

Well, now that I've rested a few days, I'm back from my whirl-wind adventure from Georgia! It's always pleasing to go back to the Peach State. I miss it, I won't lie. I miss the greenery, I miss the humidity, I miss cowering in the basement wondering if a tornado will suck me out of my house at night. It's also where the rest of my family lives.

I still don't know what I was thinking, but I left on an early morning flight. I got to see a beautiful sunrise in El Paso.

Look. There's a terrible picture of the beautiful sunrise. It was actually very pleasant to see. Got to the airport sometime after 1, and Mom and I headed off to Sandy Springs to tackle Penzey's, Trader Joe's and Whole Foods. *sigh* I wish I lived near ANY of those three places.

The next day was a "at home" day. It was very pleasant. I wandered around the yard.

Me and my white legs enjoyed staring at the brown lake for a bit, and then I remembered, "Hey! We have a canoe! I can CANOE." So, I walked over to the canoe, to figure out how Dad had it tied up, and I found a disappointing suprise.

A bird build a nest in a very clever shelter. You win this time, birds. THIS TIME. Needless to say, I was very disappointed.

My days all start blurring together here, so bare with me.

On Monday, I went to go see Jessica and her two adorable boys.

Just look at how adorable they are!

I just realized it's of both of them eating, which cracks me up. Andrew and Wes, respectively. And that's me feeding Wes. AND HE'S STILL ALIVE TODAY. 

It was awesome seeing Jessica. She introduced me to an awesome new restaurant called Cookout. 40 different milkshakes, fabulous burgers. I'm very depressed there's not one anyone near me. We basically sat around the house the whole time (besides the obvious Target trip) and frankly, it was perfect. I just wanted to sit and chat, and I think she wanted the same. She was the perfect hostess as always. I miss you, Jessica. :(

Wednesday was "help Dad in the yard" day. Which means I worked my ass off. We chopped trees, we planted plants, we sprayed weed killer, I "harassed" the geese (flailing about and honking), we found deer tracks, armadillo diggings, and chipmunk holes. And then we talked about life. As demanding as it was (I slept good that night) I always enjoy spending time with my Dad. He's my favorite dad EVER. 

Thursday was supposed to be the day I spent with Ashley, but I was scared I was going to get in the massive storms that swept across Georgia that day. So, I rescheduled and went to grab a bite with another friend. Went to the Rookery in Macon, GA.  I had a peanut butter, jelly and bacon burger. It was pretty much amazing. And yes, haters gonna hate.

I love burgers. I think I could eat a burger a day and be happy.  After that, I went to the local yarn shop, Creative Yarns, to find they've expanded. It was a very nice remodel. Much more spacious. I was also very excited to find that they had the Kollage square knitting needles. I bought six sets of DPNs. They make my hands happy. And, plus, I wasn't going to Stitches this year (I know, I know. I'm sad, too.) so I figured this was my Stitches splurge.

Friday deserves it own post, so I'm going to stop here for right now. It'll be worth it, I promise.

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