10 May 2013

Learning to Quilt.

So, on one of my glorious days I get off from work, I attend a little group here simply known as "Stitchers." We're apart of the OCSA, but if we like you, you can become ONE OF US.

Anywho, our head honcho, Kathie, (mainly because she has a pretty sweet craft room.) has decided that she's going to start giving quilt lessons! FOR FREE. Do you know how exciting that is? Quilting lessons are EXPENSIVE. And not to mention, Kathie has incredible patience with my slow stitching abilities.

So the four of us, (or is it five now?...Possibly six.) are creating the sampler quilt from the book Basic Guide to Rotary Cut Quilts. While the fabrics in the book are straight up from the 90s, the information in this book isn't. It's got lots of pictures, too, for you visual learners.
And we all started last week. My most favorite part was picking out fabric. My friend, Nancy, found some spectacular polka dot fat quarters from Joann's, and I'm using that, along with some other fat quarters to fit the rest of the theme.

Here's last week's quilt block:

Yes, there's three (five) of them up there. Kathie's is the first one, mine is the second one, and Nancy's is the last one. I'm so darn pleased with myself, I want to hang it on the fridge. Just look how FABULOUS it is.

For today's block, Kathie had us practice our "sun" in larger form, since it's easier to mess up in actual size. She even had everything cut out for us!

Okay, so it's not as (kinda) perfect as the other one, but, still, it's pretty impressive, right? Next to it, you see a tree. I'm pretty darn pleased with this tree. I mean, come on. It's a TREE. Exciting, no?

So, at the end of week two, while there's still no "improvement" I'm learning lots and looking forward to the next class each week! We should be done sometime in July.

On the other quilting front, remember that red and black quilt I've been working on forever? (i.e. my sewing machine hates me?) I finished the top last night!

BAM. Now, all I have to do is sammich it and bind it. That'll take another, oh, four months? Let's hope not. ;)


  1. Nice work! great job on all those points :)

    1. Thanks, Jaci! I'm still in shock that I'm doing halfway decent. ;)

  2. Love the how the quilt top turned out! Can't wait to see the finished product ... in 4-6 months! ;)