25 May 2013

Quilt Blocks, Week Five and Six

This Friday for the quilt blocks, I did two of them!

There they are in all their crooked glory. And yes, they're supposed to be two different sizes. There's three blocks of each size.   Hopefully, when I sew all the blocks together, they shouldn't turn out too crooked.

I'm seriously pleased with my progress. I'm learning a lot I wouldn't have if I didn't decide to take this challenge. I've mostly learned that quilting is a whole lot more than just sewing pieces of fabric together.

There's the planning stage. What quilt are you going to make? How big will it be? What fabric will you use? Do your colors match? Do you have enough fabric?

Then there's the cutting.  Measure twice, cut once, is a hard thing for me to learn. I get in such a hurry, that some of my pieces are a smidgeon of an inch off. And that actually can be pretty disastrous. Which is why a lot of my blocks are uneven in places. Also, making sure you're using the right line on the ruler for the measurement you think you're using. I have to slow down and pay attention to what I'm doing.

The sewing stage isn't that hard for me. That I've been doing for quite a while. You just have to make sure everything's lined up, and that you really are sewing that quarter inch, and not letting the sewing machine "wander off track." And yes. I'm blaming the sewing machine and not me. ;)

And ripping. I need to buy more seam rippers. I keep loosing mine. For me, the seam ripper is an important tool. I screw up a lot, and while I'm not a perfectionist, I am a good enough-ist. Some things bother me, some things don't. Things not lining up to where it's completely off? Yeah, that bothers me. A fraction of an inch? Keep on truckin', baby.

But, as frustrating as it can be, I love quilting. I love the challenge it provides me, I love that it keeps my ADD in check by switching it up and presenting me with something new to focus on, instead of something repetitive. Though, don't get me wrong, repetitive patterns has their uses.

Three more blocks until I'm done with the top! Then, onto learning how to properly make the quilt sandwich, basting, the actual quilting process and binding!

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  1. your blocks look awesome! I have discovered razor blades for ripping and I rarely use a seam ripper anymore.