14 July 2013

Soy-free experiment update.

Yeah, yeah. I'm slacking in my blogging. I've been busy! But, it's been what, almost two months into my soy free experiments? I'm pleased to say, I feel better.

I really honestly do. I'm not as fatigued as I normally am, but I am still fatigued. I have energy to do things after work, instead of flopping down in front of my computer and not moving until bedtime. I'm happier, and I feel more mentally sound than normal.

I've been eating a bit more fresh fruits and veggies. Eating out a whole lot less. and just being very cautious of what I eat. Now, that doesn't mean I'm eating completely healthy. I still indulge on sweets and potato chips, and the occasional fast food burger, but not like I used to.

In my soy free shopping experience, I'm pleased that there is quite a few items that I would normally eat that don't have soy in them. Like peanut butter, tortilla chips, mac n cheese, potato chips, chicken nuggets and cereal. What I'm most upset about is 99% of the cookie aisle has soy in it. Seriously. I think I checked every label. And that made me sad. Though, that just means I support a local business and buy more cupcakes.

Though, I've discovered there are things with soy that I absolutely cannot give up. Japanese food (I would cry), pizza, and Worcestershire sauce. I figured as long as I eat them in moderation, I should be just fine.

Sorry this was a little dry, I was just kind of rambling and putting my thoughts down, but I'm just pleased to say that it's going well!

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  1. You could always bake some cookies. Or bribe your friends to bake cookies.