31 August 2013

CrackFix...er I mean, StitchFix!

I love clothes. For a person who was a complete tomboy growing up, and would rather DIE than wear a dress, I always loved going shopping with Mom. Especially for new school clothes. Life was thrilling at the beginning of a new school year, new clothes!Though, now that I've mostly grown up, I still love to go shopping. For everything. Dresses, skirts, jeans, whatever. If it's clothes, I'm down like four flat tires. It can range from Target cardigans in every color, to my beloved Kate Spade dress. I just love clothes.

I was discussing with one of my friends the other day, how if I could just have a personal stylist and a hair/make up artist, my life would be complete. I've decided it's my dream. If I ever hit the lottery, I'm hiring someone to do all that for me. Then, my awesome friend, Jaci, kinda made my dream come true. She told me about StitchFix.
StitchFix is one of the most amazing "monthly" boxes ever. (I'm an addict to those, too, but that's for another post.) I have monthly in quotations, because you CAN have them shipped monthly, or however as often as you can schedule. StitchFix is amazing. What you do, is you fill out a personal Style Profile, giving as much information as you'd like, telling the StitchFix people about your body type, personal style, likes and dislikes. Once you do that, you pick a date, (or schedule for monthly) give them $20, and they mail you a box of goodies. Oh, and these goodies are amazing. They send you five items of clothing. Ranges from shirts, tops, dresses, skirts, jeans, pants, cardigans, tunics, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc. etc. You can ask for a date night outfit, or just some pieces to upgrade your wardrobe. You select the pieces you want, and send the ones you want back. Or, if you keep all 5 pieces, you get 25% off your total price. I sadly did not keep all the items in my last box, but, I would have. You can also pick your price range. You can pick from "The Cheaper the better" to $200+ for your items. Let me show you an example:

This is my first StitchFix. I asked for something "comfy, yet sexy, but not slutty" for a homecoming outfit for Brian's return. I was so blown away by the box, that I seriously wanted to keep it all. LET ME SHOW YOU MY FIX.

I opened to see this. Oh, let the fun begin!

1. Tart Portland Solid Keyhole Back Belted Dress ($118)

This dress was AMAZINGLY COMFY. And it was super cute to boot! I wanted to keep it, but, very sadly, it needed to be a size smaller. So, back it went. :(

2. Under Skies Essie Eyelet Detailed Button Sleeve Top ($48)

I pulled this shirt out of the box, and the tiny bit of Southern belle in me sighed. EYELETS. This shirt was everything I wanted it to be. Comfy, pretty, casual and it had polka dots! It fit perfectly everywhere except for the arms. They were too tight. I seriously was depressed over having to send this shirt back. Good bye, dream shirt. I'll miss you.

3. Kensie Jeans Sophia Skinny Jeans ($88)

I don't have a picture of these, because they were just a pair of dark wash skinny jeans. They were amazing and perfect. So amazing and perfect that I have the exact pair. Back they went.

4. Fun2Fun Colibri Solid Tab-Sleeve Blouse ($48)

This shirt. This shirt is perfection. The color. The cut, the tab-sleeves, EVERYTHING. I bought it. I bought the hell out of this shirt. It looks amazing with leggings. It looks amazing with jeans. Hell, it looks amazing by itself. I stroke it lovingly each night, and whisper "Sweet Dreams" to it before turning out the light.

5. Dylan and Rose Dovette Draped Detail Dress ($58)

SEXY JERSEY DRESS, YES, PLEASE AND THANK YOU. This was my homecoming dress. I was confused by the Miss America Sash thing in the front at first, but when I put it on, the light bulb came on. "Ohhhh." This dress hides my least favorite thing to show off: my stomach. It hid my pudge. It looked amazing on. Brian loved it. WIN-WIN ALL DAY.

This box was perfection. It was totally me. The stylist, Addie, figured me out to a T. Addie, you are amazing, thank you so kindly for this box!

And of course, if you'd like to join StitchFix, I kindly ask that you use my reference link, that I'm going to put right...here.

Look forward to StitchFix #2 very soon. Maybe, with me wearing them.

P.S. I was not paid to do this. StitchFix is seriously this amazing.

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