09 August 2013

Happy August!

I realize that title is a few days too late, but it's still early August, so I can say that. I've been busy this past week, just between work and my social life, but I actually have a few things to show!

First off, I finished my Flag quilt top!

I'm very pleased with how it turned out. It's with Moda's Old Glory fabric. It's pretty fabulous looking. Even my husband really liked it! I'm getting a lesson on a long arm machine, soon, so I'm hoping to be able to have this quilted!

I also finished another quilt top, but that one won't be seen until after Christmas.

And here's my fall quilt I've started!

Of course it's a cell phone picture right now, but I'll have all lovely pictures of my quilts once I'm done actually quilting them. This is using Moda's Posh Pumpkins. This fabric is WAY more 1970s than I suspected it to be. It's a little loud for my normal tastes, but everyone else in my Stitchers group loves it, so I'll have to see when I've finally got it sewn together.

Hopefully, sometime this month, I'll actually have a finished quilt!


  1. well, it's a little loud and orange for my taste. :) but very fall.

  2. As much as we shouldn't care, isn't it a rush when your partner gets excited about your crafts? hehe!

    great looking quilts!

  3. These are beautiful! I can't wait to see them all finished.