27 August 2013

I've been a bit busy...

...how busy you might ask? Well, words cannot describe my happiness, so I'll just show you.

Welcome home, love. I've missed you so much.

*All photos are by Jaci Greggs Photograpy, except for the one with the lady trying to get out of the way of me tacking Brian. That's from Sarah Neblock.


  1. Welcome home, sir!!! Thank you both for your service - it is greatly appreciated from our home.
    I'm glad you've had much happiness.

  2. Hi Amber! I just got done reading through your blog and loved this post. I'm glad to see that your husband got home safely! Being that you are an army wife, I have a quick question and possible some information that might be valuable to you. I was hoping you could email me back when you get the chance. Thanks : )