22 September 2013

Aw, yiss, fall!


IT'S FALL, Y'ALL. It's my favorite time of the year! Cooler weather, leaf piles, cups of cider, the food, FOOTBALL. Well, most of that happens in El Paso. I don't think we have a Fall. We have Early Summer, Summer, Holy Crap, It's Hot, Late Summer, Monsoon Season, and OMG SNOW. Either way, I can pretend it's Fall.

Despite all the chaos that's currently going on in my life, I have been able to get a little crafting done. This, for example:

This was really fun to do! It's a mini-charm pack by Moda, Happy Go Lucky. I think it might be one of my favorite collections by them.

I was browsing through Pinterest one day, trying to figure out what to do with the mini charm packs I had just acquired. You know, there's not a lot to do with just ONE mini-charm pack. Until I came across this:

This wonderful tutorial from 627handiworks, was originally for a charm pack. You know, the 5" precuts instead of the 2.5" that I had? Well, hell, I thought. I could do this with my 2.5" squares! And so I did. The directions were easy to follow, and wonderfully illustrated. And I created this wonderful little top! I was originally going to turn it into a pillow, but my husband decided it should be a wall hanging for the kitchen, instead. So, once my chaos goes away, I will be sewing and quilting the day away. And frankly, I'm flippin' excited.

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  1. Those sound like some interesting seasons you have. ;)
    I LOVE that star square. Absolutely beautiful!
    Take care - hope all is well.