05 September 2013

Happy September!

This month, it will turn into my favorite season: FALL, Y'ALL. Well, as well as it can here in El Paso. It might start to cool down in October. Maybe. Either way, Fall brings on fabulous fashion. Which brings me to, STITCH FIX #2! Oh, it's fabulous. I requested a box full of tunics (with sleeves) and they gave me everything they had in my size.

So, as you can see, I didn't get a box full of tunics, because they only had three in my size. So, I got two extra things, that actually turned out pretty awesome.

1. ZOA Ambrosia Tab Sleeve Henley Tunic ($98)

I wanted to like this one, I really did. But, 1. Mint just doesn't work for me near my face. I can't pull it off. 2. It looked like I was wearing a giant pair of medical scrubs. Some people like the super baggy tunic look. I cannot. 3. $98. That's quite a ways out of my price range. But, I understand they were trying to comply to my request, which they did fabulously. It went back.

2. Under Skies Geena Tab-Sleeve Belted Tunic ($48)

This tunic was absolutely PERFECT. It's got just the right about of feminine touches, and ruffles that don't make my boobs look huge. It also comes with a thin, brown belt that I forgot to take a picture of. It's the perfect length, and looks fabulous on. I kept it.

3. 41Hawthorne Bird Cage & Tree Charm Necklace ($28)

This was just too adorable not to keep. I'm not a fan of the "statement" necklaces, but I love quirky ones like this.  In my collection it went.

4. 19 Cooper Emiko Long Sleeved Pocket Detail Tunic ($40)

A TUNIC WITH POCKETS. And it's also a gorgeous indigo color that looks fabulous on me. This one is definitely meant for cooler weather, but I cannot WAIT to wear it. It's actually more of a short dress length, but it's gorgeous. I kept it.

5. 41Hawthorne Flora Striped Fit & Flare Skirt ($48)

LOOK AT IT. LOOK HOW ADORABLE IT IS. It has an elastic waist (that's what the black tabs are) that's not too old person looking. It's a nice, thick material, that's not see-through at all. And it stops right above my knees. PERFECT. While trying it on and modeling it for my husband, he asked me if I was "going for the old-fashioned style." I panicked, thinking of what my grandmothers would wear, and when I thought about it, and asked him what he meant by "old fashioned." "Oh, like from the 50s" he said. The 50s? He needs a fashion education. Either way, he didn't mean I looked like my grandmothers, he just meant from another era. SOLD. The only way this skirt could have been better, is if it had pockets.

I'm very pleased with Fix #2. I'm so pleased, I schedule another. Be sure to keep a look out for it sometime later in the month. Once again, if you'd like to sign up for StitchFix, please share the love and sign up through my referral link.

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  1. Ok, I just might have to check this out. do they do petite sizing?