19 October 2013


So, I'm trying to blog more than once a month. Now that I have the opportunity and the time, it might happen. Might.

About three weeks ago (the weekend of the Breaking Bad finale), Brian and I took a mini-vacation to Albuquerque. It was a very fun trip! We basically just did whatever we wanted and didn't have any plans. We saw things and would say, "That looks good" and would go. Sometimes I like a schedule, other times, I prefer exploring.

I don't remember what we did what day, it's all blurred together, but I remember it was fun. One of our first stops was Old Town. It was a windy, cooler day, not many people wandering about, but it was still fun. We found The Candy Lady, who supplied the "meth" (aka rock candy) for seasons one and two for Breaking Bad. Brian and I bought a bunch of her "meth" to give out to friends as souvenirs. We also got to see the San Felipe de Neri Church, which was built in 1793, making it the oldest building in the city. It was pretty cool.
After we finished wandering around, we zipped down the road to a fabric store called Stitchology, which is a store full of amazing fabrics, patterns, and other awesome sewing related stuff. Sadly, it was the only fabric store I visited, because I blew my fabric budget for the month in there. I got some awesome Halloween fabric, the Spooktacular line by Maude Ashbury, some sewing machine fabric to make sewing machine covers for my sewing machines. (Sewing Machine.) and a bunch of awesome clothing patterns. The lady helping me was really awesome, and the store was equally awesome.
About an hour later, we were driving around looking for somewhere to eat. We rode up and down [old] Route 66, which was really cool (and on my bucket list) and we finally found somewhere to eat. Holy Cow. I won't lie. I picked it just for it's name. And I'm glad I did. Brian and I enjoyed our Giant Burgers of Delicious Death, and fried zuchinni. Seriously. It was good. I know all that happened on day one, but here's where everything started blurring together.
I know Saturday I had a "spa day" where I basically hung out in the spa area all day, while Brian watched football. He was happy, and I was happy!
I got a couple of food recommendation places from the ladies at the spa, so we ate at Il Vicino, a pizza place, that's also apparently a chain. It was tasty! We also ate at the Urban Hot Dog Company, where I had a macaroni and cheese, and bacon hot dog. It was actually pretty delicious. I'd go back.
I know we shopped a bit. I got in too much trouble at Lush and finally went into a Lululemon. 
We did this class were we learned to make "meth." It's apart of Great Face and Body's Bathing Bad line. It was fun. We walked out with a bag of "meth" and a bag of "meth" to bathe in. Both the guys were really nice, not to mention, the location smelled nice, too.
I actually have a few pictures from it!

After this, we went house stalking. I felt so creepy doing it, but it was so much fun!

We also found the El Pollo Hermanos place, but I didn't get a good picture of it.

I really enjoyed ABQ. I'd go back again, without stalking Breaking Bad stuff. I'd probably go hit up Nob Hill properly. And the Trader Joe's and Whole Foods. And the Melting Pot. And the Lush.

I was not paid to endorse any location or product, it's my opinion. Also, to the people who's houses I stalked I'M SORRY!

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