22 October 2013

Apple Pielets

Pie-lets? Pilets? Mini-pies? I don't know. I'm making up new words. If they put twerk in the dictionary, I don't really care any more. Anywho, I made something I saw on Pinterest! And it was good!

I found a pin, from Goodies & Yum x Immaculate Baking Co, advertising apple pie bites, saw my apples just sitting there, and figured, "oh what the hell." I had all the ingredients, so why not?

I whipped out my can of croissant rolls, brown sugar, Penzey's amazing cinnamon, butter, and an Honeycrisp apple. (Cause they're the best.) Now, I won't lie, I didn't have Immaculate Baking Co's croissant rolls, mostly, because I'm trying to clean out what I have in the fridge before buying new things. (I once had three containers of sour cream. I don't know why.) So, I used Phillsbury's butter croissant rolls. Once I had melted my butter and gathered everything, I started puttin' those puppies together.

Awww, yiss. I mostly followed the recipe. I also mostly just guessed. I brushed the croissant triangles sinfully, coating them with butter. Then, I lavishly sprinkled brown sugar all over the croissant triangle. And saving the best for last, I sprinkled that luscious Penzey's cinnamon just enough over the brown sugar. It was heaven. Then, I put a fat slice of apple on the very tip of the croissant triangle and rolled it up, slowly, smoothing it out the best I could. Then, I slapped it down on the baking stone. Because I had some left, I brushed the tops with butter. While, they're not pretty looking now...that's okay. I popped them in the oven at 350ºF for 12 minutes, and DING.

Volia! They're done! Don't mind the butter still bubbling on the stone. That just helps give it character...or something like that. I let them cool for about 0.1254 seconds before taking a bite. Smelled so good. Then I waited 30 seconds for my mouth to cool down before taking another bite. Let me tell y'all, these little suckers are good! I tried them by themselves. Awesome. Tried them with vanilla ice cream. Awesome. Tried them with Cool Whip. Awesome. Tried them reheated the next day. STILL AWESOME.

Basically, what I'm getting at is, these Apple Pielet things should make it into your diet somehow. Unless you're allergic to apples.

Once again, I'm not affiliated with or am I paid to advertise products. I'm just letting you know what I used. 

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