30 October 2013

Birthday Cupcakes!

Brian's birthday was last week, and I asked him what kind of cake he wanted for his birthday. I don't know why I asked, I knew the answer, but thought I'd be polite anyways.

Red Velvet Cake. 

Okay, okay. I'll figure out how to make you one this year. Yeah, that's right. I'm a southerner who's never made a red velvet cake. Bite me.  So, I scoured Pinterest looking for the best one. Well, the second best. The best one involved lard, so I kept chugging along. Until I found this one from Divas Can Cook. This one involved coffee. Brian likes coffee. Oh, why not?

I halved the recipe, mostly because we already had a cake in the house. I also turned it into red velvet cupcakes. See?

Yeah, yeah, they're not perfect. 1. I over filled them. 2. I'm still not used to this high altitude baking. Halving the recipe made about a dozen. But, if I only filled them half way like I was supposed to, I think I could have gotten a dozen and a half out of them. Anywho, moving along.

Once they cooled, I used this recipe for icing:

I got this image/recipe off Pinterest, too. (I don't know who it belongs to, it's just an image, I'm sorry, don't sue me, please!) Though, I didn't follow it completely. I put everything into a mixing bowl, except for the powdered sugar. I started mixing and added the powdered sugar in gradually. Honestly? I maybe used half a box. I didn't want it to be too sweet. It turned out perfectly! So, I slathered it on the cupcakes.

If you've never read my blog, or don't remember, I'm a good-enough-ist. I don't care how it looks. I just care how it tastes. So, no pretty looking cupcakes for me. Sometimes, you can have too much frosting.

Either way, they turned out delicious, and my husband loved them, which is what really matters. I'd recommend either recipe.

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