12 November 2013


I'm running out of creative titles here.

31. Sell raffle tickets on a quilt.Oh, it doesn't have to be MY quilt? Yes, okay. I can do this. I don't think I'll ever be good enough to raffle off a quilt.
32. Take a road trip with quilt friends.This could be very dangerous. Very, very dangerous. Though, I have a feeling it might happen next year.
33. Create a Pinterest board with quilts.
What? I'd never do such a thing. I don't horde pictures of other people's quilts. 
34. Make a 3-D quilt block.
These are pretty cool. I think I'm brave enough to try it. 
35. Donate a quilt to a good cause.This is apart of my "resolutions" for next year.
36. Make a sampler quilt.
I can't strike this off just yet, because I'm not done with it. BUT, it is in process!
37. Make an art quilt.
You know, I don't know. I'm not a big fan of them. Maybe, for a table runner, but not a whole quilt.
38. Try bobbin work.Had to google this. Looks cool. I think it would be fun to try, but not necessarily my type of quilting.
39. Learn to maintain your sewing machine.
I only know the basics, I don't think that counts.
40. Add rickrack to a quilt.I want to! I saw it for the first time on Pinterest as a border, underneath the binding, and it looked really awesome. I'm hoping to try it in the near future.
41. Design a quilt. (Remember, you don’t necessarily have to make the quilt!)
I have designed AND made my own quilt! I just haven't finished it...
42. Change/tweak/alter a pattern to make it your own.
There's no other way to live. 
43. Make a color wheel with fabric swatches.
I do want to do this. I actually want to do it with Kona Cotton.
44. Chat about quilting with a stranger.
I step out of my hermit hole every now and then, and I actually talk to people. I have done this, often. 
45. Go on a blog tour.
Do I have to participate? If I can just go from blog to blog, that would be fine. Otherwise, I'm good on not participating. I'm not trying to be famous.

3/15? Not so good here. Could have been 4 if I'd just finish a quilt or two. And today's total? 18/100. Hopefully, I can prove myself a bit more, later.

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