09 November 2013

15 more of 100 Quilty Things to Do

So, here's 15 more things I should do try in quilting! I mean, come on. It's good to challenge yourself!

16. Bind a quiltYes! Done with one, working on a second and third!
17. Miter the corners of quilt binding.I do it when I make my bed, so I suppose I should do it with quilting. I mean, who knows. The way I'm doing it might suck compared to others!
18. Join the ends of quilt binding. 
Done and done. I actually like it. Makes the quilt look clean.
19. Sew diagonal seams. Also have done this. It's not as hard as one would think. There will be pictures, soon.
20. Use a walking foot. I <3 my walking foot. It is a savior among feet. I recommend it.
21. Attend a guild meeting.
While it's not a REAL guild meeting, I'll probably not join one anytime soon, but I do go to a stitch 'n bitch every week. So, I'm going to count it.
22. Visit Houston for International Quilt Festival.IT'S MY DREAM. But first, I'll have to take out a loan. Or sell a kidney.
23. Have a quilt appraised.The thought of this is scary. What if all your hard work isn't worth but $15? But, then again, what if it's worth $1000? Maybe, I'll take in one of my grandmothers quilts instead.
24. Visit a quilt museum.WHAT. I need to go here. I have been to the Smithsonian in DC and they once had a bunch of quilts from the Revolutionary War and the Civil War on display. *drool*
25. Go on a quilt retreat.I've thought about this. But, I'm scared that I'd be the weirdest one there and everyone would shun me. Maybe if I could convince some of my friends to go...
26. Try curved piecing.
Definitely a must. 
27. Miter the borders.I'll try it, but I really like the way I do it now.
28. Learn to do blanket stitch by hand.Learned that back in middle school.
29. See a local quilt show.
Did that within my first year here. It was really awe-inspiring. Made me want to learn how to quilt for real. I should go find another one.
30. Put your quilt in a local quilt show.
I had the opportunity to do that this weekend. But...of course. I didn't finish on time. *sigh* One day, I'll be brave enough, again.

7/15, this time, so, 8+7= 15. So... 15/100. Not too bad.

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