17 November 2013

200th Post!

For my 200th post, I thought I'd take a break from the 100 Quilty Things, and actually present you something finished. That's right. My second finished quilt, but my first I can show off!

BAM. FINISHED. Started it in July, finished just moments ago. It even has a label! It's created with 260 2.5" squares using Old Glory Gatherings by Primitive Gatherings for Moda. Fabulous line for primitive fabrics. I would like to say I bought a fat quarter bundle and cut, 260 2.5" squares. Let me tell you, next time, I'll buy mini charm packs. But, the experience was worth it. It's not perfect, but let me tell you, I love it.

Have a few progress pictures:

This was it in progress. Square by square. Row by row.

This was just freshly finished. It was such a relief to finish this top.

 And here it is, fresh off the long arm. No, sadly, I don't own a long arm. I don't have the room, nor do I want to move it around the US. This is at my wonderful friend's house. She trusts me to use her longarm. I think that's saying a lot.

I'm pleased. Hopefully, I'll finish two more this month.

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