01 November 2013

A Rent the Runway Opportunity!

I don't know how I got it, but a couple of weeks ago, I got an offer in my email from Rent The Runway. If you don't know what Rent the Runway is, it's pretty cool. You can rent designer dresses and accessories for a quarter of the original price! As a military wife, this is a phenomenal idea. Don't have to store a bunch of dresses and jewelry.

But, back to the offer. It said I could test run any five dresses for $50. Wait, what? Cause, we all know the problems with ordering online. What if it doesn't fit? What if it looks terrible on me? What if the color is wrong? This is perfect. I have ordered a dress for a hot date on here before and it ended up just looking terrible. $120 down the drain. Though, now, you can try these dresses on before the date, and see how they look! I, personally, think this is a great deal. Though, the only issue is, you have about 12 hours to try them on. Well, depends on when you get your package. I got mine around 7pm. You HAVE to return them by noon the next day, or else you get penalized. Which, is fair. Unless you don't have a UPS store around you, which could be a bit of a problem. ANYWHO.

Here's what I tried on:

David Meister: Blue Niles Falls Gown Retail: $695 Rental: $125

I really liked this dress! It fit wonderfully, except for a little tightness in the armhole. Nothing that would ruin my night, though. It's my favorite color blue, with a lace overlay, and was quite classy. Though, it clashed a little with the Army Dress Blues pants, but unless you were OCD about something like that, I wouldn't worry. Looked great with the jacket, though.

Bibhu Mohapatra: Zemu Glacier Gown Retail: $2975 Rental:  $375

This gown was just GORGEOUS. It reminded me of Indian Saris, which is why I picked it. Also, the blue. Though, sadly, this dress fit weird. It was too big in the bust, and too tight on the waist. Made me look like I had some curves, though. My husband was not impressed with this dress. He said "there is too much going on." He's also a minimalist. It's the same color blue as above, and I have the exact same comment about the Dress Blues with it, too.

Nicole Miller: Tempted By You Gown Retail: $995 Rental: $160

I would rent this dress in a heartbeat. It looked like it was made for me. It's even husband approved. He was a little concerned at the lace overlay/nude part. "Is this see-through?" Ah ha, husband. you have figured out the mystery of this dress!

Narciso Rodriguez: Clean Cut Dress Retail: $1595 Rental: $225

Holy crap, y'all. If I had the money, I'd buy this dress. I'd do everything in this dress. We'd be BFFs. I don't even know how to describe the flawlessness of this dress. GET. IN. MY. CLOSET.

Alberta Ferretti: Red Rimini Dress Retail: $995 Rental: $150

I was just "meh" about this dress. It looked great on the model, but not on me. It's a fabulous jersey-type of fabric, so it's very forgiving. I wouldn't rent this one.

I'm sad I didn't get any pictures of me in the dresses. I just didn't have the time. Or a tripod. But, if I get this option again, you bet I will!

If this opportunity comes to your inbox, jump on it. It's a brilliant idea, really. I hope it opens up to everyone, soon, because I have some other dresses I'd like to try on!

Please consider using my referral link. It'll give you $20 off your rental!

Note: Rent the Runway did not pay me or bribe me to do this. I did this post on my on free will in a way of saying "thanks" and in hopes to get some referrals!

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