27 November 2013

I'm an artist! Okay...not really.

As is Army Wife tradition, your friends move and a party happens. Well, not in a "don't let the door hit you on the ass on your way out" kind of party, but a "see you later." One last hurrah. Anywho, Nancy just left, and so we all gathered and had a stoneware panting party at what used to be called At The Clayground, but is now Stonepainters. Basically, you walk into this store, and you are faced with a billion choices. There are five or six shelves full of all sorts of stoneware, just waiting for you to personalize and paint. From dishes to decorative items, it's a bit overwhelming.
Once you've decided what you're going to paint on, you stare at your item for a bit, and try to figure out how you'll personalize it. It took me a good 15 minutes of hemming and hawing to figure out what the crap I wanted. Flipping through stencils, I finally figured it out. I selected my stencil, and then I stared at the paints for another 15 minutes. Finally decided, grabbed a brush, and walked to the table and began to paint. About thirty minutes later, I came up with this.

Aw, yiss. A giant mug perfect for spiked cocoa and hot toddies. Uh, I mean warm beverages. So, the neat thing about this is, you slather on either one, two, or three coats of paint, depending on what shade you want. You can't tell, but I put on three coats. Then added my snowflakes. About 15 minutes later, after it dried, I decided to add the date and my initial on the bottom. So, I sat around and watched everyone else paint their things. Another mug, a cookie plate, a menorah, a platter, an owl bank, a sushi plate, and a spoon rest. Very fascinating. I've seen all but the menorah and owl bank after they've been finished. But, anywho, you pay the nice man, leave your item, and wait for a call. Not too long of a wait. He glazes it for you, and the fires it in the kiln. Then, he calls you and you come pick it up, all wrapped up and pretty. This is what happned after it was glazed and fired.

Not too shabby for someone who can't paint, right? I'm super pleased. I'd totally go do it again. The nice thing is, all the stoneware has a price by it, which is the ENTIRE price for paint, glaze and firing. I can't wait to use it!

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