21 November 2013

Quilt along!

Canoe Ridge Creations is having a Giant Starburst quilt along, and I've decided to join in. 1. I love quilt blocks that have been turned into giant quilts 2. I think it'd make a nice Christmas gift for a certain unspecified recipient.

Monday, she posted the fabric requirements, along with two different choices. I chose Version One, but love the idea of Version Two. So, a friend, Beth, and I went out the very next day in search of fabrics for this quilt. Well, I did, Beth just came along to keep me mostly out of trouble, and a bit of shopping herself.

We went to the local Bernina Store in Las Cruces, NM (awesome store) to drop off my poor serger, and to see what trouble we could get into. I wandered around the store for possibly an hour, hmming at all the fabric. I kept coming back to one particular pattern, and then would wander off into the batiks again. Then, being that it was talking to me, I finally decided it was a good idea. I picked out three fabrics from Sandy Gervais' Soho Chic line from Moda.

That's right. I'm going to be rather boring and use only three colors. The blue will be the star part, the green plaid is the background, and the purple will be the binding. I'm still not sold on the purple, but I think it will do well. If not, I have something else it will match well with.

After that, we wandered into the local fabric store, Owensville, in El Paso. Fabulous store for primitaves. I picked up some fabric for a pineapple wreath I'm going to learn to make.

The berries and vines will be the background, the red polka dot will be the bow, the green will be the wreath, and the awesome dot circles the background. I know you won't see it, but it's so awesome, I felt it needed to be a part of this. Everyone wish me luck!

Two more quilts as Christmas presents. Two more I need to finish. One small project, and a dozen more for friends.

I suppose I better get off my ass and start working.

I'll finish the 100 Quilty Things here soon.

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