13 December 2013

Happiness in a Bag

Have you ever just had fabric and a pattern come together so awesomely and you didn't even plan it? It just happened to me. I was taking advantage of Hawthorne Thread's Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales, and finally gave in and bought some of Joel Dewberry's Notting Hill collection. The Pristine Poppy in Midnight and the Tartan in Midnight. I actually had been drooling over the Tartan for some time now, but when the sales came around, I said to hell with it, and bought a yard of the Poppy and two yards of the Tartan. After buying quite a bit (shhhh) from them, I saw Pink Castle was having a sale, too. I'd been looking at some of Sew Sweetness's patterns for a while, and when I saw they were on sale, I figured why not. I was going on a trip soon, so I picked the Aeroplane Bag.

The week after Black Friday was like Christmas for me. Packages EVERY. DAY. It was awesome. Brian would just roll his eyes as I giggled when he handed me packages. The Hawthorne Threads package and the Pink Castle package arrived on the same day. And it was as if the angels had planned it themselves, as I heard a chorus of them when I paired them together. Shh...listen.

Can you hear it? Can you hear them singing? I think it may be Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer, but whatever it was, it was perfect.

I set out the next day buying the supplies. I had no idea there were so many different kinds of interfacing! I just knew of WonderUnder, so I went with it. Found the perfect zippers, and came home and started right away.

The first day, I got the exteriors done.

I was completely shocked and pleased with myself at how they had turned out. I even fussy cut a pocket for the front. I like having a pocket I can quickly stuff things into on the outside, before going through the TSA checkpoint. I cut out the linings and ironed the interfacing to them, and I won't lie. I was scared to progress further.

A couple of days later (after finishing one quilt, and quilting another) I decided to work on it again. It was zipper day. Oh, good gravy, I am terrible at zippers. But not these. These were the BEST instructions I've ever seen for putting in zippers. If I would have known it would have been this easy, I would have stuck one on the backside of the exterior of the bag, too.

I find using tape to hold the zipper in place instead of pins works better for me.
I was so excited and motivated about these zippers, that I just finished the rest of the bags that evening. The hardest part of the whole bag was sewing the last lining piece to the zipper. And as I got the last stitch in...I realized that I could have taken the zipper apart. *sigh* This bag was a pleasure to make. The fabric was quality above par. It was one of the first projects in a while (that's not a quilt) that has put a real smile on my face. I seriously want to show everyone like a little kid who draws something for his mom. So now, it's your turn.

Can you see the pocket? Or am I that awesome? ;)

The back.
The inside! There's two zippered pockets in there.
Seriously, y'all this pattern and the fabric were a pleasure to use. If I can find the "perfect" fabric, I will be making this bag, again.


  1. You did a great job! You probably just guaranteed yourself a TSA pat down just cause they will wanna get their hands on your bag;)

    1. Thank you! I'd probably be detained if they try and take it from me. :P

  2. Amber has a blog! You've officially been added to my feedly. :) By the way, I love your bag - great colors!

  3. I can't believe you made that! I mean I can, but it looks so amazing and it always amazes me when people make things like this in their house, you know?
    Impressive. I love it. :D

    1. I still can't believe I made this my self! Still in shock, I believe. And thank you. <3