01 December 2013

Happy December!

I finished another thing! Look at it!

This I've had FOREVER. I started it either October or November 2012. I can't remember. But, it's a friendship quilt! All the members of my little group each made a spool and traded with each other. Mine's not perfect, at all. It was my first attempt at everything by myself, and I did it mostly wrong. Ha! But, it's done, and I'm super pleased with it.

I have all my pieces cut out for the Canoe Ridge Creation's quilt along. Just waiting on the sewing instructions. Hopefully, they'll appear tomorrow!

I started on my Christmas quilt. Doubtful it'll be finished by Christmas. Ha! My fall one still isn't finished.

One of my quilts is ready to be long-armed quilted.

And now, to make a bunch of little Christmas goodies.

Some one wish me luck for my sanity.

Oh, Thanksgiving was good. Nice and peaceful. Just me and Brian. Not complaining a bit.

1 comment:

  1. That is amazing! ALL the blocks look great!!!!
    I'm glad you had a nice Thanksgiving.