10 January 2014

Finished Christmas Gifts: Emily

Emily is my adorable 2-year-old goddaughter/psudo-neice-but-not-really-she's-my-2nd-cousin.

And all my goddaughter/psudo-neice-but-not-really-she's-my-2nd-cousin deserve a quilt from me. Especially when I have parts of their sheets that I can put in it.

This quilt was a first for me. I took a block I like (I think it's called the Kitchen Woodbox) and enlarged it. I think the results turned out well. It was also my first time combining different materials AND using Ric-Rac for a border. LET'S TAKE A LOOK.

So here we have a grumpy looking picture of me. I look grumpy, because my husband sneak-attack took a picture of me. He sneaks up behind me and goes "HEY" and because I'm skeptical, I slowly turned my head, and look questionably. I actually just wasn't grumpy, it was more worried. ANYWHO, this is the quilt before I sewed on the corners. As you can see, it was supposed to be square.

FINISHED QUILT. Surprise! It's rectangular! Because I can't cut straight! Yay!

Here's the Ric-Rac border that I was skeptical about, because I'm an 80s kid and had 70s hand-me-downs. But, it turned out really freakin' cute, in my opinion.

I spy with my little eye, a name! That's right. If you look in the center of the yellow (hint: look for the button) you'll see I'm pretty awesome and quilted her name right into the quilt! I'm also super impressed with my cursive. It turned out awesome.

And like any other awesome person would, I stuck some mighty pink Minky on the back. I thought it'd be a pain in the ass to sew with, but, hot damn, if that stuff isn't magical.

And here's my tiny goddaughter/psudo-neice-but-not-really-she's-my-2nd-cousin proudly showing off her new quilt. I think it was finished 47" x 45"? Rumor has it, she growls if you try to take it away from her. And won't sleep without it.

Materials Used:
1½ pillow cases of Pottery Barn Kid's Hayley sheets.
A bunch of purple seersucker
Yellow polka dotted cotton
Mottled green cotton (husband proudly picked this one out)
Flamingo Minky
2 packages of medium pink Ric-Rac

Her birthday is coming up. If I have time, I might attempt a matching pillow.


  1. Beyond ADORABLE! You did a fabulous job; no wonder Emily loves it!!!

  2. So cute! I'm not sure how cost effective it would be (mostly based on the time it takes to make) but something like this would go like gangbusters in your etsy shop!

  3. "Surprise! It's rectangular! Because I can't cut straight! Yay!" HAHA I love you. And the quilt. But more you because you made a square-ish rectangular quilt :)