13 January 2014

Finished Christmas Gifts: Jaci

Jaci is my newest BFF. And let me tell you, I use that title sparingly, so it's quite an honor. And well, guess what? Jaci just happens to be pregnant! So, between her and me, we couldn't figure out what she wanted for Christmas. So, we went the route of baby things.

First off: Pacifier Clips!

These things were actually super easy to make. The hardest part was me realizing that my sewing machine WOULD sew the Velcro, and I could stop hand sewing. I got the pattern from How About Orange? I'd make them a little longer, next time, and definitely not use Oklahoma fabric. ;)

Next: Ice Cream Nursing Cover

Jaci knew she was getting this one, so I came up with the idea that it'd be hilarious if it was food, and then she came up with ice cream, and this is the awesome result.

Modeled flawlessly, by Achilles, this is the end result. I think it's hilarious, and she loved it, so I think that's all that matters. There was supposed to be a part three to this, but the fabric didn't come in in time, so it's next on my to-do list.


  1. I feel so special! (And so should you, since the feeling is mutual.) I can't believe Achilles posed like that. But he was totally into it. He likes swag. Now whenever I break it out, he will think it's for him!