09 January 2014

Finished Christmas Gifts: Kyle

So, because each gift deserves their own post, the next few days, I'll be posting Christmas Gifts I made for my family, that I can finally post.

First off, my brother. My brother is a big kid. No, really. He's big. And he requested his own gifts. Which, well, I'm okay with. Cause...I kinda requested my own, too. (That gets it's own post, too.)

Gift No. 1: The Cross-Stitch

I thought I posted about this a while back, but apparently, I didn't. But, he saw some cross-stitch piece somewhere and sends me a picture and asks, "can you make the say "shop?"" Well, okay. So, I found the original pattern maker on Esty, and put in a custom request with her. This is the outcome.

He absolutely loved it. It was originally supposed to have windows and a front door on the building, but I had a brilliant last minute decision and turned it into a garage door. I got this framed at Micheal's, and I have to say, I'm a bit disappointed. I asked them if they could get out the OBVIOUS imprint of my hoop. "No problem." I STILL SEE IT. Other than that, it looks great, Kyle loved it, and that's all that matters.

Gift No. 2: The Viking Hat & Beard

He sent me another picture of some random dude in a Viking hat with a beard. "Can you make this?" Sadly, no, brother. I cannot. Crocheting is too painful. But, because I'm awesome, I was able to find that exact pattern on Ravelry. I was gonna try to crochet it, but then...I saw the pattern maker had an Etsy Store! WHAT. So, I asked her very nicely, and the wonderful person she is, squeezed in one last order for Christmas, and volia! Viking hat and Beard for my brother.

Biggity bam. One happy brother. The nice thing about the hat, is that the beard is totally adjustable. There's two buttons on the inside, and you just move the beard to your desired length. I've been told he wore it to work.

I may or may not have apologized to my sister-in-law.

And, because I can. SELFIE.