25 January 2014


I did it again. Yes, that's right, I've done this before. It's every sewer's hazing ritual.

I've sewn through my finger.

Since I've done this twice, now, that makes me an expert, right?

The first time was 20 July 2007. How do I know the exact date? Well, it's because it was hours before the midnight release for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and the bookstore I was working in was having a costumed midnight party. Needless to say, I was in a bit of a hurry and sewed through my left middle finger.

See? Not so bad. Just missed the nail, and had a bit of thread sticking out. Went to the Emergency Center thing, they took some x-rays, then numbed my finger, and pulled out the thread.

While taking the x-rays, they discovered there was a bit of needle still left in my finger.

So, a couple of days later, I had minor surgery to get it out. All went well, middle finger is just fine without damage.

Fast forward seven years to Wednesday. There I was, trying to figure out how to free motion quilt without the feed dogs up. Then KACHUNK.

I debated on a second if I should call a friend ,then I changed my mind and directly called my husband. I was in so much pain, that I forgot to tell him what happened.

I slowly removed the foot from the machine, then the needle. Then, I cut myself loose from the project. I was able to get up without passing out, put on some pants, update twitter, and then facebook. (Cause, why not?)

Thankfully, he was only 10 minutes away instead of his usual 25-30. His buddy dropped him off, and he came flying into the house. He thought someone had died.

I held up my finger and started sobbing again. I don't remember the look on his face, but I remember him saying, "Okay, let's go to the ER." He helped me button my pants, and I started pointing at things that needed to be done. Turn off the heating pad, feed the cats, etc etc. He grabbed my wallet, and then we left.

While we were checking in, all the ladies at the front desk started freaking out when they saw my finger. I sat down in the waiting room for like five minutes, when I was called back for my vitals check. Then I was told to stay put. Went to the Xray about five minutes later. Got my xrays done, and was in a trauma bed in about an hour later, getting wires hooked up, and answering questions.

At this point, Brian and I BOTH made the mistake of thinking this'll be fast.

FOUR HOURS LATER, I'm being stabbed with needles, trying to find a vein that'll take an IV. (Three times. Three different bruises.) Then, a Tetanus shot, all while soaking my finger in betadine. If I didn't have a needle in my finger, I would have hit that nurse. No lie. They hook up my IV, doc gives it a minute, and then pulls my finger out of the betadine. Here comes the worst part. (Yes, even compared to sewing through my finger.) He puts not one, but two numbing shots in my hand. Holy CRAP I forgot how bad they hurt. I actually didn't break Brian's hand. He said he was now prepared for pregnancy.

So, the doc gets his pliers/scissor things and YANK. Out comes the needle.  I felt it come out, but it didn't hurt. I looked over, blood was starting to come out again. Then, I watched him take out the thread. Kinda cool. They unplugged me, I washed off my finger, then got wrapped up. Then, I sat there for what felt like forever, until they took the painful IV out of my hand, and took me to xray again. Took another xray, took forever again, and then they finally discharged me. A 30 minute wait for medicine, and six hours and 30 minutes later, we were going home.

I don't recommend it.

I don't have any pictures of my xrays yet, but here's my finger all wrapped up.

And now, for those that want to see, are pictures of the needle in my finger. It's a little graphic, it's not gushing blood or anything, but it IS a needle sticking through the middle of my finger. This is the last thing I'm writing, so don't scroll down, if you don't want to see it. :)


  1. Ouch. Jack would like to know if you can bend your fingers.

  2. Oh OOOOOWWWWWWWW!!!!! You poor thing, I hope you heal quick and are back at your machine soon.

  3. my finger is throbbing just by looking at it, youch!