02 February 2014

To New Adventures!

Well, this is it. My first "real" PCS. I say "real" because even though we moved from Georgia to Fort Knox, and then back again, we didn't have any furniture and all our possessions fit in both our (tiny) cars. Then from Georgia to Fort Bliss, we had a 16' Budget Truck and barely filled up a house with furniture. Though, this time, we have a house full of furniture, "stuff", and the whole kit 'n' kaboodle. So, we're having the Army move us. With "professional" movers. (I put professional into quotes, because I keep hearing horror stories from El Paso.) I'm nervous, I won't lie, but we just really don't want to do it ourselves.

So, I'm preparing the house. There's been a mass purge of things. We're having a yard sale this weekend. We've been selling stuff via the internet. Clothes are being donated. Trash is being...well, trashed. It's weird getting rid of things. It's almost like you're starting a new life. A new beginning. Almost.

The hardest part is using up all your food that's been opened. The only thing I trust to be moved with us are unopened things and spices. Menu planning is becoming interesting. Trying not to buy more than what you need. Realizing that things expired in your pantry three years ago. It's like a giant mystery! 

With that said, bare with my absents for now. Between my finger, preparing to move, and trying to read all these library books, I'm not sure when I'll blog again.

See y'all later!


  1. For both of our moves, we went with the professionals. The best part is when they pack everything. I thought I'd find it weird (and okay, it was a little weird) to watch them go into my closet and pack up my clothes, but mostly it was awesome. I did nothing but "supervise." Everything was inventoried, nothing was damaged, items were lost but I think it's really that we just can't find them. I think going with the professionals is way less hassle than going it on your own.

    Good luck with all of it!

    Also, have you already read 11 books this year?! JC, woman! You are a speed reader!

  2. Wishing you an uneventful move! Don't forget to take pictures so you can blog about it when you're settled.