30 May 2014

A Road to Oklahoma Baby Quilt.

Remember the super secret checkerboard-esque squares I was making? Well, I'm finally able to show off what they really were. Are y'all ready for this? Cause I'm really proud of this one.

Can you see the neighbor's green house in the background?
 BAM. One Road to Oklahoma baby quilt for a very special baby. Do y'all see how PERFECT it is?! Everything lines up, and it's just....ah, I'm just so proud of it. It may be one of my best quilts yet. BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE.

Special thanks to the pair of shorts holding the quilt, uh, I mean my husband.
Check out that wunderbar minky back. Oh yes. I just wanted to cocoon myself in it. Notice that little tiny corner of pink? Yep. That's the label.

I seriously can't get over this quilt. I must say, once I finally got it rolling, It went together very quickly.

Thanks to Sew Much Fun in Columbus, GA for the longarmed quilting.

26 May 2014

The "Weekend Quilt."

Back in March, I went to the Original Sewing & Quilt Expo in Duluth, GA. Remember? Well, I finally busted into one of the kits I bought, The Stars and Strips one from Primitive Gatherings.

The pattern is Stars and Strips by Valerie Krueger for Hearts to Holly. It says in the instructions that this quilt "can be made in a weekend." Uh. Maybe I'm just slow, but I'm on day four of this quilt. And I'm maybe 40% done? I suppose if I was a more experienced quilter, I could do it in a weekend.

Anywho, I'm sharing the progress!

This is where I started. After cutting twelve fat quarters into 25 pieces, I matched up the stars with the border of the stars. That took Thursday and Friday.

Saturday and Sunday was putting these suckers together. I was unfortunately doing other things (yay chores.) but, I got them all done. Each star took me 20 minutes to make.

Today, I was able to get the placements of all the strips.

That took forever. After switching about a million pieces, I think I finally have it perfect. (If it's not, shhhh.) Hopefully, I can have this done by the end of the week. Then, the two, possibly three borders. It comes with two, but I'm thinking about adding another one.

Working on two other quilts, also. Hopefully, I'll be finished with them soon, too!

22 May 2014

First Etsy Sell!

I'm trying to keep my blog and etsy business separate, but I can't resist sharing my first Etsy sell!

The friend I made it for, was so very gracious and paitent in waiting for it. I was hoping to finish it and mail it to her before we moved in February, but I, of course, sewed through my finger. I was able to finish it this month and ship it off to her! Here it is, in all of it's glory:

I should have taken better pictures, but I, of course, suck at taking pictures. But, this is the Emmaline Quarter Note Clutch, with a pocket and a wrist strap attachment added. It was a fun little pattern to make. 

I'm working on a second custom project, but I messed it up, so I'm trying to calm down and try again. That's always the worst for me. It makes me never want to make it again. 

18 May 2014

Ironing boards!

In the Great Stashdown of 2014, I'm slowly finding inspiration to sew and do other stuff. Some days it's just hard. Last night, I had a great amount of motivation and energy, so I finally created my two ironing boards!

I picked out my wood from Home Depot. No scientific explanation for it, besides the fact that it was the smoothest looking piece. Splinters suck. It was originally a 2' x 4' 3/4" Hardwod Plywood piece. I don't know what that means, but I liked the way it looked. I had it cut to 2' x 2 3/4'. Why? Because a yard of fabric is 3'.

So, I brought my two pieces home and got the following out:

- Batting
- Muslin
-Therma Flec Heat Resistant Fabric (magic silver fabric)
- Pretty fabric
- Grippy shelf liner stuff
- Staple gun

I regret not taking any pictures of the steps, but it was easy. If you can wrap a present, (no matter how shotty it looks) you can do this.

On the large one, I first applied a double layer of the batting, and stapled that down. Then, a layer of muslin and the Therma Flec, and stapled them down, together, to save on staples.
On the little one, I did the same thing, but, being that I had to "Frankenstin" my Therma Flec pieces together, I threw a layer of pretty fabric over it, to make the surface smooth. See?

Lastly, on the back, I stapled pieces of the grippy shelf stuff, to help keep the board from sliding around on my table. It just happened to be in the same room I was in, and the idea came to me. Also, it finishes it off nicely.

I've been wanting to make these for a while now, and well, I finally got the chance.

P.S. My husband was joking about putting legs on the big one and just making it into a table, which I thought was brilliant, but sadly, I don't have the room for. ONE DAY. 

08 May 2014

Quilt Shop Hop: Day Two

Day two started out around 10:00. We started at Sew Much Fun in Columbus, GA, aka my home store. It was slammed full when we arrived. They also have, much to my delight, long arm services here, too.

I got from there two Oliver + S patterns on sale for $2 each (!!!!) That was exciting. Also, this beautiful blue fat quarter bundle. I love blue and white together. So I snatched it up. I also got this super cute fat quarter with multi-colored polka dots. And see the silver stuff? I was so excited to find this. It's the thermal stuff you use to put on ironing boards! Which means I can finally make my portable ironing board. And of course, the two kits for the stars.

Right after this, we made a pit stop for lunch at Chicken Salad Chick. If you're ever in the Columbus area and like Chicken salad I recommend it! 

Then, we scooted up the road to Ellerslie, GA to Sunday Best Quiltworks. It looks like nothing on the outside, but once you step in? BAM. A store full of amazing! This is where I got in the most trouble.

I got two amazing quilt kits, that are amazing, that scrumptious paisley fabric, some 1990s confetti dot fabric, and some cute little floral. Along with that, some random fat quarters, and the little scroll is the star kit. This store was pretty awesome, and so close, to boot!

For our last and final stop, we went to Southern Stitches in Thomaston, GA. It had a vintage Mini out front, so I knew the people who ran it were going to be awesome. It was stuffed to the brim, too, so when I originally walked through, I didn't see anything I needed. And then it cleared out. And I found the good stuff.

I got one of the most awesome puzzles ever. (I like puzzles, did you know that?) AND an awesome Lone Star note card set! (I like stationary, too.) Now, you see the Lone Star behind the note cards? It's like a cheater way to make the most perfect Lone Star quilt, EVER. In the kit, is the more lap sized Lone Star pattern, and underneath the note cards is a smaller kit for one more of a wall hanging size. Can you see the name? Quiltsmart? Google it. You won't regret it. The white fabric in front of the puzzle is one of those samplers that you learn to quilt on. I've been looking for one for a while, so it was a worth purchase. And of course, the two star kits.

And that was it. DONE, SON. And with the conclusion of the Middle Georgia Quilt Shop Hop, I am banned from buying fabric in the year 2014. Let's see if I can hold my promise to be true.

06 May 2014

Quilt Shop Hop: Day One

Ever been to a shop hop? I hadn't until this past weekend. The quilt shops of Middle(ish) Georgia had one this past Friday, Saturday and Sunday. And my mother and I got to go!

There were only six shops participating in the Middle Georgia Shop Hop, (which was nice) and we got to visit them all! We split it up into two days. Three stores on Friday, three stores on Saturday.

At whichever store you started at first, you'd pick up a "passport" and you'd go from store to store to collect stamps, indicating that you'd been to each store. And at the last store, you turn it in, in hopes of winning a prize. (I saw some of the prizes. They're pretty amazing.) Also, you could pick up block kits at each store, to create a finished quilt. The theme this year is Civil War reproductions. Each store also had their own finished quilt and a kit that you could choose from. And of course, whatever treasures the different stores would have just waiting for you.

Let's begin!

We started at Magical Stitches in Macon, GA. I'd been to the store before, so I thought that would be a good starting point. It's a nice little store off Hartley Bridge Rd. They have long arm services, AND a pretty good selection of 108" width backing, which I find is kinda hard to find. They also had the finishing kit I decided I wanted. Also, with every purchase of $10 (I think it was $10) you got a raffle ticket for an extra prize. I got quite a few tickets. But, here's what I got from them:

I finally found a Dottie jelly roll from Moda, so I snatched that sucker up. (I have a weakness for polka dots). I also got this beautiful fabric that's all awesome. It reminds me of a Monet painting, but with brighter colors. Also, I really liked their finishing kit for the shop hop squares, so I bought it. (I'd seen three others online, and figured I could choose.) Also, the white rectangles you see are the patterns and the fabric for their two squares.

Stop Two was Couture Sewing Center in Macon, GA. I didn't even realize that they were there. I was excited to find another quilt store in Macon. They had very cheerful fabrics, patterns, and an even more cheerful and helpful staff. They were having discounts on fabric, so, you could pick up a 5 yard kit for about $7.50 a yard. If I remember correctly, I think they're relocating to a bigger store a few stores down in the strip mall.

From them, I got the beautiful Dear Stella watercolors fabric I've been drooling over for a while, along with some peach fabric! That was an exciting find. Also, a cool bag pattern, and two block kits.

Store Three, was in Jonesboro, GA at Quilts and Fixins. This was the "farthest" away shop for us. Got stuck on I-75 for 20 minutes, thanks to a wreck. Ain't nothing like "Atlanta" traffic. It was an impressive stores. Beautiful quilts on display everywhere! I tried to buy their beautiful, amazing paper pieced chicken quilt. But, sadly, it was not for sale. Even with all I bought, this was not my most expensive store. That comes tomorrow.

From here, I got some awesome patriotic fabric (MERICA), the even more awesome sewing machine fabric, and the blue panel fabric with matching coordinating fabric. (I think the line is called "Spa"). And I got two of each of their star block kits, because I couldn't decide on which one I liked the best.

When we were done, we took the "scenic route" to Columbus, back to my house. Mom was spending the night, so we could start early that Saturday!

Look for day two, coming soon!

04 May 2014

Simple ACU Pouch

This week, my husband and I actually got to celebrate our anniversary together. Since we've been married, we haven't been able to spend one together, thanks to Army things. It happens. It just means the one you get to spend together are extra special.

Brian totally surprised me with flowers. From what I can recall, he's never gotten me flowers in my life. He came home, told me hello, and went back out to his truck. Then the doorbell rang. Being confused, I opened the door. There he stood with a vase of beautiful tulips in his hand. I was so shocked and surprised! He did a great job. I won't lie. I even teared up a bit.

So with that, a couple of weeks ago, Brian asked for a pouch to put some of his school books in. It was my mission to have it done by our anniversary. I failed. I finished it this afternoon. I don't know why it took me so long. It seriously maybe took me two hours total from cutting the fabric to finishing it. Meh. Anywho, I used Kelby Sews' pattern. Well written and easy to follow. Being that the zipper was so stiff/heavy duty, I needed to use the little pieces of fabric she used on the ends of the zipper for this to even work properly. Thanks, Kelby!

I used an 8" zipper, and cut my fabric to 9.5" by 11".

Here's just the outside. It's like the fabric ACUs are made out of. Nothing fancy. This was the only fabric I had that he even remotely liked. (Who doesn't like polka dots?!)

And the inside. The inside is like the poncho lining. And this is one of the most fabulous working zippers I've ever used.

And here it is with the books in there, with room for a few more.

See? Simple and easy. I didn't use any interfacing like she suggested, the outer ACU fabric is firm enough. If I had used just cotton, I would have used interfacing for sure.