06 May 2014

Quilt Shop Hop: Day One

Ever been to a shop hop? I hadn't until this past weekend. The quilt shops of Middle(ish) Georgia had one this past Friday, Saturday and Sunday. And my mother and I got to go!

There were only six shops participating in the Middle Georgia Shop Hop, (which was nice) and we got to visit them all! We split it up into two days. Three stores on Friday, three stores on Saturday.

At whichever store you started at first, you'd pick up a "passport" and you'd go from store to store to collect stamps, indicating that you'd been to each store. And at the last store, you turn it in, in hopes of winning a prize. (I saw some of the prizes. They're pretty amazing.) Also, you could pick up block kits at each store, to create a finished quilt. The theme this year is Civil War reproductions. Each store also had their own finished quilt and a kit that you could choose from. And of course, whatever treasures the different stores would have just waiting for you.

Let's begin!

We started at Magical Stitches in Macon, GA. I'd been to the store before, so I thought that would be a good starting point. It's a nice little store off Hartley Bridge Rd. They have long arm services, AND a pretty good selection of 108" width backing, which I find is kinda hard to find. They also had the finishing kit I decided I wanted. Also, with every purchase of $10 (I think it was $10) you got a raffle ticket for an extra prize. I got quite a few tickets. But, here's what I got from them:

I finally found a Dottie jelly roll from Moda, so I snatched that sucker up. (I have a weakness for polka dots). I also got this beautiful fabric that's all awesome. It reminds me of a Monet painting, but with brighter colors. Also, I really liked their finishing kit for the shop hop squares, so I bought it. (I'd seen three others online, and figured I could choose.) Also, the white rectangles you see are the patterns and the fabric for their two squares.

Stop Two was Couture Sewing Center in Macon, GA. I didn't even realize that they were there. I was excited to find another quilt store in Macon. They had very cheerful fabrics, patterns, and an even more cheerful and helpful staff. They were having discounts on fabric, so, you could pick up a 5 yard kit for about $7.50 a yard. If I remember correctly, I think they're relocating to a bigger store a few stores down in the strip mall.

From them, I got the beautiful Dear Stella watercolors fabric I've been drooling over for a while, along with some peach fabric! That was an exciting find. Also, a cool bag pattern, and two block kits.

Store Three, was in Jonesboro, GA at Quilts and Fixins. This was the "farthest" away shop for us. Got stuck on I-75 for 20 minutes, thanks to a wreck. Ain't nothing like "Atlanta" traffic. It was an impressive stores. Beautiful quilts on display everywhere! I tried to buy their beautiful, amazing paper pieced chicken quilt. But, sadly, it was not for sale. Even with all I bought, this was not my most expensive store. That comes tomorrow.

From here, I got some awesome patriotic fabric (MERICA), the even more awesome sewing machine fabric, and the blue panel fabric with matching coordinating fabric. (I think the line is called "Spa"). And I got two of each of their star block kits, because I couldn't decide on which one I liked the best.

When we were done, we took the "scenic route" to Columbus, back to my house. Mom was spending the night, so we could start early that Saturday!

Look for day two, coming soon!


  1. Fun! It's like a pub crawl but for sewing shops and minus the alcohol. So not really like a pub crawl at all. Nevermind!

    I really like the Monet-esque fabric. So pretty!

    1. LOL. It's similar to a pub crawl. Sometimes there's alcohol involved, but not for the driver. ;)

      Isn't it fantastic? I'm totally making a bag out of it.

  2. That sewing machine fabric is too cute!

    1. I actually have a project for it, too. :D

  3. I know you are just DIEING to use that blue panel and fabric for something for me! Right??