30 June 2014

Fall Quilt, FINISHED.

Back in the summer of 2013, I started making my fall quilt. WHO KNEW it would take me almost a year to finish? (me.) I'm missing pictures of the progress (I think they're on my other computer) but I am finally done! I even quilted it. It was my first quilt that I did by the laser picture scroll things.

So, it's been in the quilted, but unfinished state since probably August of last year. Just folded up. Hanging out on my quilt ladder. Waiting. Taunting. 

Until yesterday. I decided to finish things before I started new ones. All the things. And so I did. 

Yesterday, I dug through my fabric, was was able to find the binding fabric I purchased. Thankfully, I did purchase it last year, because if I hadn't, I wouldn't have found it. Posh Pumpkin is hard to find now. I cut, sewed, ironed, and attached it. Left it like that, so I would have something to entertain me today. And I finished it. Aww yiss.

Here is the horribly wrinkly front.

And there is the equally wrinkly back. (Thanks Brian, for holding things.

This quilt has a story. I didn't like it originally. I bought it, because of the pumpkin fabric, which I thought was adorable. But, after I put it together, I started having doubts. Like "omg it's the 1970s" doubts. There were days I hated it. People offered to buy it from me, but no, I wasn't that desperate to get rid of it. I mean, pumpkins! So, my friend Kathie, suggested adding a bored. Right on, Kathie. Right on. I found the brown plaid, and stuck it on. And that did it. I no longer hated it. It was the perfect Fall quilt! I decided to do a flannel backing, which, I may never do again, because EVERYTHING sticks to it. I took the top to the local quilt store in El Paso, Owensville, and picked out the binding fabric. It wasn't my first choice, but meh. I figured I'd do something different. Why not? I quilted it sometime in the fall, after Brian came home, and there it sat. Until now.

I think I've grown to love it.

29 June 2014


Fort Benning had their Independence Celebration yesterday, and the ONLY thing I wanted to do was the airborne towers. What is that, you might ask? Well, when you go to airborne school, you learn how to jump out of perfectly good airplanes. So, when we arrived at Benning, Brian's school is right next to the Airborne field, where they have the parachute towers, and basically, really awesome ziplines.  And I got the chance to do them yesterday. Basically, it's a 34' tower, that has cables you're attached to, and then you jump out the door. Yes, you jump out a perfectly good tower and hope for the best.

First, you get hooked into your harness thing, and have the ever living stuffing squeezed out of you, followed by a helmet.

Next, you walk up a 34' tower, letting the guy behind you pass you, because I'm so out of shape, and omfg stairs.

Once he gets up there, and jumps, it's now your turn. The guy starts hooking you up, and tells you, "Okay, you can jump!"

You pause. Doubt yourself. Accidentally look down. Oh hell no. Start having second thoughts. The jump guy says, "You can do it! It'll be fun!" The other guy goes, "I know you can jump, you're wearing Chucks." By God, he's right. I AM WEARING CHUCKS. I take a deep breath. Mutter a cuss word of choice, and take a running leap. SCREEEEEEAM.

Which alerts your husband that you are, in fact, jumping from the other side. And not the one he's close to, so he doesn't get the horrified look on your face. And probably because I ran, as I'm flying down this cable to my death, I'm spinning in circles.

Moving very fast towards the end. Trying not to lose my sunglasses.

As I approach the end, the guy yells "LIFT YOUR FEET." My bad guy. Didn't want to kick you in the head.

I reached the end, and kept going, then I flew backwards into four soldiers. Sorry guys, but great catch. They released me, after I was able to stand up, and I wobbled back to Brian.

I'd totally do it again.

20 June 2014

Feelin' Like a Badass.

There I was, yesterday, tackling the craft room like a mad woman. Dumping out containers, throwing stuff away, stuffing stuff in a box to give away, putting things in their proper [new] places, it was great. I was noddin' along to my jams. It was great. I was confident that I was gonna have this room cleaned and organized by Saturday. And even possibly my 40 Bags in 40 Days list done by the end of this month. I mean, look how much I've done so far:

Note: Yesterday not marked off.
And I was pleased. Confident. Inspired. Motivated. And then I ran out of water. So, I got up from my mess, and headed towards the kitchen. As soon as I left the craft room. I heard the cries of Winnie, who loves to do nothing but hang outside all day long. (And night, if we'd let her.) I rolled my eyes, because I thought she had caught another Skink. But, when I entered the living room, she was practically climbing up the screen, freaking out trying to convince me to let her in. So, I let her in. And as soon as I opened the door and looked up, I saw what was freaking her out. The woods behind our house was on fire.
"Oh, shit!" I said as I walked out on the back porch. Then, I noticed two boys desperately flinging coolers of pool water onto the flames. I hustled down to the bottom of the yard, and noticed that the neigbors were starting to slowly come out. "HAVE YOU CALLED 911?!!?" I yelled. I got back a weary, "Yes ma'am." I wasn't too confident. I texted Brian that the woods were on fire, and then I called 911. I think four or five of us did. Then I took a picture.

The neighbor next to me, started talking to me. She said she'd called 911, and that she was worried, because she had a baby. I told her not to worry, until the fence was on fire. Then, a breeze happened.

And that's when I started to worry. First, I went to go find our little bitty fire extinguisher. Found it, and realized that wasn't going to work. So, I hooked up the hoses, instead.
Then the wind blew, again.

The neighbor, said, "That's getting mighty close to your fence." Yeah it was. So, I hosed down the fence and the yard, and the realized I was too short to even see over the fence. So I went and got the ladder. As you can see in this picture, the fire department is in the upper right side, trying to control it over there. Also, notice how LARGE the flames are. It started spreading QUICKLY. By the time I got the ladder and my hose set up, it was 10 feet from our fence. I turned that sucker on full blast and started spraying. I was able to get a lot of it out, and then ANOTHER breeze came and blew the fire about two feet from the other neighbors fence. I got that out, too. Then, two guys from the neighborhood behind us came running at me and asked if they could use my hose. I said sure, my flames were out, and threw it at them. So for the next fifteen minutes, I helped feed the hose over the fence and watched out for new fires. They were able to get it all out before it damaged any houses. Right before they finished, Brian came home. He found me outside on a ladder, pointing over a fence at still smoldering bits to the guys with our hose. He didn't get the text until he got home. Thankfully, it wasn't anything worse. While I was reeling in the hose, Brian went to go talk to the fire department.
Turns out, no matter what they did, they couldn't have reached the fire with their hoses. (So they say.) There wasn't a place where they could have gotten the truck into, to have access for the hose, because of all the fence in the area. Which is rather disturbing. The scarier part to me? If I wasn't home, a lot more damage could have been done if I hadn't have hooked up my hose. (Just bragging a bit. Let me have it.) Though, my dying gratitude is to those three random guys who helped fight the fire (I'm looking at you awesome beard guy, bald guy with TMNT shorts, and Old-School Oakley guy who had more hose). They came out of nowhere, and took over through the briars, the burning bushes, and whatever else horrible was back there. THOSE guys are the real heroes. I thanked them profusely, and as they were walking back, another neighbor, who'd just gotten home from work, offered to buy them a case of beer. Didn't even think of that.
So, as I was dragging the hose and the ladder back up the hill, Brian came back from finding out what happened, and helped me clean up. Then, the fire guys and a sheriff's deputy appeared in the neighbor's backyard, and started discussing what was going on.
Turns out, two kids in the other neighborhood were just lighting fires in the woods for shits and giggles. Being kids. Then, of course, it got out of hand, and they freaked out and tried to put it out. Needless to say, when the deputy went to one kid's house, he didn't answer the door. But the other kid did, and ratted the other kid out. Let's just hope there's some sort of consequence to this. Here's the aftermath:

As you can see, it got pretty close to the fence. I was able to put it out, before any real damage was done.

Brian jumped the fence a little later to check out the damages and he got this picture.

 Can you see me, the bright white blob at the corner of our fence? Yeah. They burned about an acre and a half in about 30 minutes.

So, yeah. Needless to say, the craft room didn't get finished, and still is in the state as I left it. I'll finish it later. I'm tired, from being sunburnt and having heat exhaustion.

Can you spot the cat?
But, it's getting better. Here's to a fire-free weekend.

17 June 2014

40 Bags in 40 Days

40 Bags in 40 Days is a "decrapifying" effort created by Ann Marie over at White House Black Shutters blog. I tried to participate in it during the Spring Edition right before we moved from Bliss to Benning, I got quite a bit done, and we made decent money at our moving yard sale, but not as much as I wanted. Nor as organized as I wanted.

Since we've moved here, when I started unpacking our stuff, I started getting rid of things. I still have two boxes in the kitchen, one for yard sale, and one for eBay. Much to my husband's discontent, those boxes are still sitting there. (But less full!) I still have a house full of "crap" I'm in denial about. I'm a closet pack rat. Shhh.

So, back with perfect timing, the Summer 40 Bags in 40 Days has begun!

Totally not my graphic, borrowed it from whbs.
My goal is to have this house cleaned out in less than 40 days, and organized before the movers come this fall. I will NOT have things lost again. (Like my WEDDING BOUQUET. *sob*) I will have things in place, labeled and ready to go.

The fun thing about this challenge, is that it comes with GRAPHICS and support! There's a Facebook group, or two (I think?) and SPREADSHEETS. LOOK AT MY SPREADSHEET.

As you can see, not all 40 days are filled. I don't have that many areas. I have a lot of stuff, but not many places to clean. And sometimes, two or three can be done in a day, and one could take two days. Some could take a week (see no. 37 "Parent's House") and some could take a lifetime (see no. 34 "denial stuff.") Wait, can you even read that? *squints*

My goal is to do at LEAST one number a day. In theory, it should take just a little over a month to do. You can go ahead and put a date on when you want to do them on, but I'll get bored with a room and skip to another room. So, I'm just going to put a date completed instead. Though, I don't think there's any real "rules" to this besides "decrapify."

My ultimate goal is to have everything done by the last week in July, so I can have a moving yard sale the first weekend in August, to try to help build up a bit more money before we move to wherever the Army decides to send us.

I'm off to a good start though. I went through ALL my clothes today. Donated two 13 gallon trashbags worth of clothes. I have another bag of clothes I'm going to try to sell to Plato's Closet and on ebay. If they don't sell by the time we move, donated they get. Tomorrow, the rest of the closet.

Wish me luck, and if you decide to participate, good luck to you too!

16 June 2014

A Little Bit 'O Camo

My mom called me on Friday. I don't remember how the conversation went, so I'm just gonna make it up.

Mom: Hey! So, you remember Mrs. Blah's daughter, Blah Blah, right?
Me: Yeah...
Mom: Well, she's having a baby shower this week and I'm thinking she needs some cute burp cloths.
Me: Oh yeah, she is pregnant.
Mom: I was hoping you could help me...
Me: Yeah! I have this really easy pattern and all you need to do is cutthefabricandjustsew...
Mom: I was hoping you could...
Me: it on...
Mom: make them for me.
Mom: I'll pay you.
Me: Well, yeah! Okay, that's not a problem I've got some pinkfabricsomewhereandi'm cleaningoutthestash and what's the theme?
Mom: They like camo.
Me: CAMO. I have camo. Matter of fact I have some pink rick-rack, too. Done.
Mom: ...okay.

And hour later I produced these:

They were really simple. Measured the length of the burp cloth, cut rick rack to that length, cut the width x height + 1.5" on each side for the fabric, ironed the ends under, pinned, sewed and I was good to go. If I added it up, I maybe used a ¼ a yard of the fabric and 1½ packages of jumbo rick rack. Had the diapers on hand, and I was good to go!

13 June 2014


I love books, have I ever mentioned that? Probably? Okay.

I over did it on the "nom-fiction" this time, but you can't go wrong with some well written non-fiction.

A few people were appalled that I've never read any Bill Bryson ("he's right up your alley!") So, after enjoying Wild by Cheryl Strayed, I figured why not?
I picked up The Handmaid's Tale because a friend read it and wanted to discuss it. I really enjoyed it when I read it the first time, so I figured, one good turn deserves another.
Serving Victoria was suggested to me from Goodreads, because I read Empty Mansions. Okay, Goodreads. I'll bite. The two investment/retirement books are there, because I'm interested in investing. Don't know how to do it, so why not learn?
Sophie's World was on one of those BuzzFeed lists of Books I Should Read Because of Some Relative Reason.
And I picked up Breakable You, because I saw a quote from it on pinterest, and I liked it. So, maybe the book is good.

Yeah. That quote. Thanks, internet!

I also picked up Practical Magic this afternoon from the other library, because I'm awesome and have TWO library cards.

I've currently read 43 of my 52 book goal this year, but I feel like I'm cheating, because there's craft and cookbooks I've reviewed for NetGalley in there. So, maybe, I'll fulfill it with other books.

...I love books.

01 June 2014

The "Weekend Quilt" part two!

I worked my ass off to finish this quilt in a week. It took me 18 hours total (first quilt I timed!) so, feasibly? Yes. Yes you could make this quilt in a weekend. I'm just slow, and can't stand for long periods of time (looking at you, cutting table) so therefore, it took me a week. But here it is, in all its finished glory:

Awww yisss. Right after I took this picture, and was relieved that I was done, my dear, sweet, loving husband goes, "Is that one supposed to be turned that way?" I slowly turned to my quilt, and my heart sank. My now ALMOST perfect quilt has a block turned the wrong way.

But, what I've learned that, is if it's perfect, I didn't make it.


Now to wait on the backing to arrive so I can take it to the quilter!