17 June 2014

40 Bags in 40 Days

40 Bags in 40 Days is a "decrapifying" effort created by Ann Marie over at White House Black Shutters blog. I tried to participate in it during the Spring Edition right before we moved from Bliss to Benning, I got quite a bit done, and we made decent money at our moving yard sale, but not as much as I wanted. Nor as organized as I wanted.

Since we've moved here, when I started unpacking our stuff, I started getting rid of things. I still have two boxes in the kitchen, one for yard sale, and one for eBay. Much to my husband's discontent, those boxes are still sitting there. (But less full!) I still have a house full of "crap" I'm in denial about. I'm a closet pack rat. Shhh.

So, back with perfect timing, the Summer 40 Bags in 40 Days has begun!

Totally not my graphic, borrowed it from whbs.
My goal is to have this house cleaned out in less than 40 days, and organized before the movers come this fall. I will NOT have things lost again. (Like my WEDDING BOUQUET. *sob*) I will have things in place, labeled and ready to go.

The fun thing about this challenge, is that it comes with GRAPHICS and support! There's a Facebook group, or two (I think?) and SPREADSHEETS. LOOK AT MY SPREADSHEET.

As you can see, not all 40 days are filled. I don't have that many areas. I have a lot of stuff, but not many places to clean. And sometimes, two or three can be done in a day, and one could take two days. Some could take a week (see no. 37 "Parent's House") and some could take a lifetime (see no. 34 "denial stuff.") Wait, can you even read that? *squints*

My goal is to do at LEAST one number a day. In theory, it should take just a little over a month to do. You can go ahead and put a date on when you want to do them on, but I'll get bored with a room and skip to another room. So, I'm just going to put a date completed instead. Though, I don't think there's any real "rules" to this besides "decrapify."

My ultimate goal is to have everything done by the last week in July, so I can have a moving yard sale the first weekend in August, to try to help build up a bit more money before we move to wherever the Army decides to send us.

I'm off to a good start though. I went through ALL my clothes today. Donated two 13 gallon trashbags worth of clothes. I have another bag of clothes I'm going to try to sell to Plato's Closet and on ebay. If they don't sell by the time we move, donated they get. Tomorrow, the rest of the closet.

Wish me luck, and if you decide to participate, good luck to you too!


  1. When I read the title of this post, I assumed that you were making 40 bags! Haha! I really need to do some tidying. We have a room full of Stephen's Army junk (doesn't everyone have a room like that?), and it badly needs to organized. Usually I just close the door, though.

  2. I really need to do this! Thanks for the link!